10 Discontinued Products That People Still Love

#4 HP Touch Pad


HP touch pad showed a mysterious discontinuation. The device was stopped within a month and a half on the market.  Everyone was curious to know as this was a promising product.
The closest explanation given to customers was that the ‘the company isn’t going to release any more HP WebOS products, but will sell through any that have deadly shipped’.

#3 Google Reader


Google Reader is all set to be discontinued this year, in July. This was a powerful RSS feed management tool. It was loved by many, but wasn’t supported enough. The official explanation given to the discontinuation was, “While the product has a loyal following, over the years, usage has declined. So, on July 1st 2013, we will retire Google Reader.

#2 PalmPilot Devices


This was a relic of the 1990’s, popular with business types being the popular handheld de facto organizer during those days. Users were offered popular apps like those present in current Smartphones. Some even enjoyed the wireless data connection service.
However PalmPilot was stopped from distribution, when HP acquired the company for $1.2 billion in 2010.

#1 Apple Newton


This device was Apple’s first take that used stylized handwriting recognition software, to capture notes and orchestrate user’s calendars and also look up for contact information.
However there were a number of reasons to discontinue the product. These were related to disputes, poor development plans, financial distress of the company and for being a complete technological failure. The writing recognition dictionary contained innumerable flaws, for instance, it had only 10,000 words. So Apple had to make cuts where it could.

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