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Micromax A50 Ninja

Price: Rs. 4500 - Rs. 5000
The Good: For this sweet price tag the phone offers decent features and dual-SIM functionality. The company’s own Voice Assistant Software AISHA work pretty well.

The Bad: The battery life is poor, the earphone quality is not that good and there are no proximity sensors. The 2MP camera and the low internal memory are saddening.

Design: The phone comes in a pear white color which makes it a shinning beauty. The front has three transparent physical keys which includes the chrome finished home button. At the top you will find 3.5 mm jack and power or lock button. On the left hand side there is a USB port and a volume rocker. There is a micro-SD card slot which is placed below the two SIM card slots and you have to remove the battery to access them.

The phone has a 3.1-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen which doesn’t have high-resolutions. But the colors on the screen come quite clear. The lack of proximity sensor is bit annoying as you have to press the power/lock button to switch of the screen when you are on a call.

Processor and Operating system: The phone is powered by a normal 650 MHz processor, and you can’t expect more power and speed for this price tag. The device performs all the basic tasks well, but if your try to play games for long it gets hanged as the minimal processor can’t handle the load.

The device runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system with company’s own skin on top. The handset comes with standard android apps and there are no extra pre-installed apps other than AISHA.

Features and Performance:

Camera: Micromax Ninja A50 has a 2MP average camera, the photos comes well when the lighting is good. There is a camera app which includes options to alter white balance, picture quality, and color effects. The camera also has a burst option which clicks 4 to 8 images in the burst mode which worked well even though a bit slow. There is no front camera.

AISHA: The main attraction and the major selling factor of this phone is its voice assistant software - Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistance (AISHA). This is the first budget smartphone which come with a high-end like feel with the company’s interactive speech recognition application.

AISHA works well and it felt like it understands the Indian accent of English better than Apple’s Siri. Micromax has partnered which multiple content players likes Q&A site ChaCha, Wolfram Alpha and Indian websites like SimplyMarry and Magicbricks to give relevant outcomes while using AISHA.

AISHA makes calls for you when you order it to do, it searches web for you and even gives suggestions. And when its doest understands whom you want to call it will open the contact list and says “better choose yourself”. But one downside is that the voice of AISHA is bit harsh and you might not feel to use it very often.

Battery: Micromax A50 has a 1200mAh battery that would last about a day for moderate usage with a single charge. If you did the mistake of keeping the Wi-Fi on then the juice gets dried of very fast.

Verdict: Micromax A50 Ninja offers value for money and it’s interesting to have a word with AISHA. AISHA is the main USP of this phone and it’s a pleasure to see that it understands Indian slangs better than Apple’s Siri. For this price tag it is surely the best phone you can have right now.
Best Place to buy -Micromax A50 Ninja.

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