‘We are serious about Java.’

That’s the message Oracle is sending out to the industry and the Java community.

The world of Java has never wavered in its trajectory of relentless innovation. Recently, Oracle shared its vision for strengthened investment and innovation in Java and described how Java will continue to grow as the most powerful, scalable, secure, and open platform for the global developer community.

In light of this, SiliconIndia is organizing Java Conference, where we have an agenda which is designed to give developers and architects practical skills.

The Java Conference is an ideal place to obtain critical skills to help you build, run and manage tomorrow's software solutions. The speakers are industry practitioners, selected for their knowledge and their ability to convey that knowledge to Java developers at large. You’ll find them highly capable speakers and also easily approachable for individual questions. Spend time with hundreds of other Java professionals and share best practices and take home practical advice that will make an immediate and measurable difference to your projects.

At the Java Conference there will be THREE exciting tracks:
Language, Tools & Techniques:
This track uncovers emerging features of the Java language and provides in-depth expert recommendations on the use of Java and complementary languages in daily practice. This track also explores frameworks that ease and accelerate the building of applications, application components, and user interfaces. Also get tips on using tools available to design and build high-quality applications.

Architecture and SOA:
The Architecture and SOA track focuses on the structure behind applications, examining different approaches to designing applications that perform and scale.

Agile and Cloud:
Agile and Cloud track focuses on Java in the Cloud, Modern Methodologies like Agile, XP programming and Business Collaboration. These sessions provide insight on how to organize your Agile teams and lead those teams to greater productivity. Here the foremost agile authorities and cloud developers using Java will share the same platform for the first time ever.