Security Conference 2010 - Bangalore Events

Thank you very much for your interest to take part in the Security Conference. You may make the payment of Rs 500 at the venue tomorrow.
We look forward to meet you at 8 AM.


Cybercrime. Malware incidents. Data breaches. Compliance legislation. Today’s changing security landscape means you can’t leave anything to chance.. And new threats have kept you on your toes. What are some more of the unsettling things that need to be addressed? And how do you survive and advance in your career?

Siliconindia's Security Conference 2010 will address the challenges and issues at the forefront of enterprise security. You'll get the answers to these and many more questions:

  • What must I know about the evolving technologies of information security and
    related disciplines?
  • How do I become a more effective security professional?
  • How do I technically secure applications, or handle security for my industry
    -specific requirements?
  • What is my career path within or outside my current company/agency?
  • How can I communicate my value to the business more effectively?

    The conference brings together practitioners, professionals, and others interested in the latest advances in the security of computer systems and networks.
    Security Conference 2010 provides an excellent opportunity to meet and network with delegates in a professional learning environment whilst demonstrating your commitment to community and the industry. .

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