The Current Landscape & the need to raise awareness about SMB offerings.

Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) have enough on their minds than to try and keep track of it all. SMEs acknowledge the importance of technology in improving productivity. They do know usage of technology can bring in cost optimization, operational efficiency and energy efficiency.

However, SME’s just don’t have the time to learn how new technologies can ultimately make all those business challenges more efficient and effective. They are either busy managing business operations, staff or focusing on improving the bottom line.

As the name suggests, SME Summit will help SMEs gain that education and make sense of the technology landscape. At the event, technology companies can engage with the senior management executives from SMEs directly. The event is an ideal platform for technology companies to effectively communicate the new SMB offerings, the awareness of which could yield business results for both parties.

  • Value to SMEs:related disciplines
  • Opportunity to share experiences & learn from peers
  • Mindshare with large players in same verticals
  • Highly interactive forum
  • Exposure to some of the best practices adopted by certain organizations in terms of usage of technology
  • Their own show rather than driven by a particular vendor
  • Enhance competitiveness to compete more effectively
  • Non-threatening environment

    Target Audience:
    Proprietor/ Owner/ Partner Chief Executive Office/ Managing Director Chief Technology Officer/ Chief Information Officer/ Chief Operations Officer President/ Vice President / General Manager Directors of Manufacturing/ Operations/ Engineering/ Production Plant/ Factory Managers Functional Heads of Technology, Operations, Production Quality