Overview - CEO Conclave, Mumbai

Over the last several years, Siliconindia has evolved into an authoritative platform for business leaders. It has enabled them to share their experiences, views and ideas in the fields of technology and business.

CEO Conclave will kick off an active dialogue amongst leaders in the Indian technology industry. This is a platform for evoking thought leadership in a global business environment. The summit is an ideal platform for today's eminent leaders to meet and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

The summit will help you strike the right chord with varied business leaders, ones who excel at innovation, are engaged in business transformation, and are building workforces that are efficient, engaged, and effective.

It will help the leaders like you get an insider's view of what's new today, and what's coming over the next 12-18 months. Leaders will also share their personal pathways that helped them achieve professional successes.

The summit offers an exclusive preview of how companies, such as yours, will change the way other companies do business. What's more, we want to hear your professional views on how we can make the next wave of business strategy even better.

This closed-door invite-only Summit, will provide a dynamic forum like no other, with room for lively conversations and penetrating questions on business, technology, innovation, and opportunities.

Who should attend?
Executive-level delegates: CEOs, Managing Directors, Presidents, VPs, and Directors.