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Embedded India

Embedded Systems Solutions has been a leading ONE STOP PROVIDER of hardware and software solutions for the embedded systems market, since 1996.

Embedded Systems Solutions (ESS) is an Electro Systems Associates (ESA) group company. ESA was incorporated in the year 1986 by a small group of highly qualified technocrats with sound business acumen and strong technical skills.

ESS together with its associate companies, possesses in-depth expertise and vast experience with real-time embedded systems and development tools, has succeeded in bringing to fore an ecosystem of highly integrated hardware and software solutions, tools and products ranging from Development Suites, Middleware Solutions, In Circuit Debuggers and Emulators, Connectivity Solutions, Protocol Analyzers and Hardware Subsystems to holistically support design, development and debugging processes in Embedded Systems. ESS also provides system level solutions including application development in C and C++ , assembly coding, firmware and device driver development, RTOS porting to target systems and custom board design.

ESS’s ecosystem consists of high tech development tools across varied 8-32 bit processors architectures and microcontrollers. The debug and trace tools address latest trends of Android Debugging, Energy Profiling and Multicore Debugging with support for JTAG/Serial Wire Debug (SWD) interfaces. ESS provides connectivity solutions for CAN, LIN, Ethernet, Multi Port Serial and Digital I/P, USB and Wireless technologies. In the Middleware space, our products effectively support embedded application development with high quality, small footprint, optimized and readily available RTOS, Embedded Databases, Protocol Stacks and Driver Development Tools (USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) across Android, Linux, Windows and other platforms.

ESS caters to demanding need of high quality System on Modules (SOM), Embedded PC-Boards and Rapid Development Kits which help jump start embedded designs, propel concept to prototype and final product, all in a cost efficient manner with decreased design risk.

ESS serves a broad range of embedded vertical markets including Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Education, Electronics Design/Manufacturing, Energy, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Military, Semiconductor and Telecom/Datacom.