Cloud Apps
Building Architectural Considerations While Designing Cloud Solutions
Jerish Joseph, Sr. Technical Architect, Dell Services
Design Considerations for Developing Cloud Apps
Sanjiv Jha, Enterprise Architect, HCL Services
Developing Scalable Apps for Deploying on IaaS Cloud
Munish Kumar Gupta, Practice Lead – Architecture for Hi Performance Apps, Wipro Technologies
What Can PaaS Do For You?
Vivek Pandey, CloudBees, Elite Developer & Architect
Building SaaS Enabled Applications
Ezhil Arasan Babaraj, Director, CSS Corp Labs
Cloud Solutions: Case Studies
Shyam Kumar Doddavula, Principal Technology Architect, Cloud Computing CoE, Infosys Labs
Cloud Infrastructure
The Art of Infrastructure Elasticity: Case Study
Harish Ganesan, CTO & Co-Founder, 8KMiles
Enterprise IT Governance Challenges in Public & Private Cloud
Giridhar L V, Head of vmUnify - Enabling Unified Clouds, MindTree
Key Factors in Deciding Your Cloud Vendor
Vijaykumar Natarajan, Director – Product Engineering, Citrix
Securing Cloud Deployments
Sharda Tickoo, Subject Matter Expert - Cloud Security, Trend Micro
Cloud Vs Traditional/Virtualized Infrastructure
Ravi Kuppanna, Head - Infrastructure Cloud Services, Capgemini
Cloud Systems Automation
Raj R Raman, Managing Director - Cloud Services, Cisco