09.00AM - 09.30AM: Registration

09.30AM - 10.10AM: Session 1
Accelerate defect detection via Hypothesis Based Testing(HBT)
T Ashok, Founder and CEO, STAG Software

10.10AM - 10.50AM: Session 2
Test Management
Nagarajan Pichumani Founder and CEO,Softsmith

10.50 AM - 11.20 AM: Morning Break
A chance to meet up with your friends and have a cup of coffee on the house!

11.20AM - 12.00PM: Session 3
Globalization testing- Getting your software World-ready
This presentation looks deeper into the nuances of Globalization testing and touches upon the advanced areas of Pseudo translation and automation for multilingual applications.

Pradeep Janakiraman Offshore Delivery Head, Zylog Systems

12.00PM - 12.30PM: Session 4
Commercial Test Automation Tools and its real benefit
Prashant Lambat Sr Manager, SQA Engineering,Symantec Corporation

12.30PM - 01.00PM: Session 5
Cloud Testing: The future of software testing
While the Cloud platforms vendors (Amazon, IBM, Google, Rackspace etc.) are fighting to offer the cheapest and the most flexible environment for companies to use, cloud testing services is gaining momentum. Going forward there will be more test offerings in the Cloud. In this session, learn what is different about testing cloud solutions, what are the available tools for Clous test and what is the approach one has to take?
Keerthi Kulkarni, Technical Consultant ,Micro Focus

01.00PM - 02.00PM: Lunch
Break for lunch and a chance to catch up with each other!

02.00PM - 02.30PM: Session 6
Software Security Testing
Testing applications for security purposes is such a basic, important safety measure that most security professionals wouldn't think twice about it. Yet just a few years ago, the methods for application security testing were limited in both scope and number. All that has changed. In this session you will learn novel approaches to application security testing.
Vinay Srinivasan, Senior Tech Lead, Testing CoE, Tech Mahindra

02.30PM - 3.00PM: Session 7
Next Generation - Tester
How would the next generation tester be? How can someone from today's generation say how would the next gen tester think? How would the generation gap be? Would the next gen testers be much better testers than us or much worse? Looking at how the majority of testers are doing today, the future looks much worse than what it is today. Looking at the minority of testers shaping themselves to test better, there is a hope for me that the future would be the place where I want to live. Pradeep Soundararajan, Director & Consulting Tester, Moolya Testing

03.00 PM to 03:30 PM : Afternoon Break
A chance to meet up with your friends and have a cup of coffee on the house!

03.30PM - 04.00PM: Session 8
Challenges For Virtualization
Siddhartha Gudgunti, Project Manager, Wipro

04.00PM: Conclusion