Conference Schedule:
There are two exciting parallel tracks. One for Leaders/ Managers and the other for Test Professionals.

Test Professionals: This track covers ten technical sessions on wide-range of testing topics, combining the best software testing theories with real-world examples and where participants not only learn but actually apply it immediately to their test environments.

Test Leadership: This track will focus on managing testers and the software test areas of the product lifecycle. You will learn techniques for working effectively in a leadership role with test and non-test teams, and the differences between being a manager and being a leader.

8.00AM - 9.00AM: Registration

9.00AM - 9.40AM: Inaugural Keynote
Paradigm Shift- Testing 3.0
Arun Kumar Singh Vice President (Testing Services), Global IT Business — Wipro

9.40AM - 10.40AM: Panel
The Road Map to Quality
Many times, as a profession we get siloed and fail to look beyond certain essential steps of finding the bug or improving the quality of a process/ product in question. For all we know, an extra step (which perhaps only required us to use our common sense) would perhaps enhance the quality to much greater extent. For this to happen, understanding of the key features and advantages of investigation, especially from a wide cross section of fields will help professionals to think out-of-the-box and come up with innovative way of things they are already doing.
  • Percy Pavri, Chief Manager - Quality Systems, Tata Global Beverages
  • Raghunandan H V, Head of QA( API and Formulations),BIOCON
  • K. Umesh , Senior Executive Vice President and Head – Car Program at Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles
  • Moderator
  • T Ashok, Founder & CEO, STAG Software
  • 10.40AM - 11.10AM: Morning Break
    A chance to meet up with your friends and have a cup of coffee!

    Auditorium 1: Test Professional TRACK

    11.10AM - 11.45AM: Session 1
    Performance Improvement stories from Bing, Hotmail and MSN
    Mukesh Jain, Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft India R&D

    11.45AM - 12.20PM: Session 2
    Challenges and Growth Prospects for the Software Testing Industry – a SWOT Analysis
    A V Asvini Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director, Thinksoft Global

    12.20PM - 12.55PM: Session 3
    The Emergence of Cloud Computing and Software Testing- A Perspective
    This talk focuses on finer nuances of Cloud computing and how its benefits are and can be witnessed in the Software Testing profession. It provides a peep in some major technologies that form the basis of cloud and how its emergence is simplifying the different aspects of Software Testing. It would touch upon the prevalent concerns around Cloud computing and what they mean for Software Testing profession.
    Anuj Magazine, Software Testing Practitioner, Citrix R&D India

    12.55PM - 1.30PM: Session 4
    Software Fault Patterns – A Narrative from the Operation Theatre
    This session explores software testing and highlights the gaps from the healthcare end user prospective. It brings out a new dimension of common software failures and its impact from the OT (operations theatre). In addition it helps the participants to bridge the gap between technical specification and user needs. Furthermore the session encourages the practitioners to go beyond the traditional practice and see the real value of their work in the fast growing healthcare business.
    Dr. Sukanta Bhatt, Senior Manager - System Integration and Test, Philips Electronics

    1.30PM - 2.30PM: Lunch
    Break for lunch on the house and a chance to catch up with each other!

    2.30PM – 3:05PM Session 5
    Curiosity never killed anyone: Landscaping - The Science of Questioning
    T Ashok, Founder and CEO, STAG Software

    3:05PM - 3.40PM Session 6
    Performance testing – an insider
    Manoj Jain, Manager – Software Engineering ,CA Technologies

    3.40PM - 4.10PM: Afternoon Break
    Some time out for you to grab another coffee and a well earned rest.

    4:10PM - 4.50PM: Session 7
    Test Automation Strategy and Planning
    Srinivas Chintha, Director Product Development, Sabre Holdings
    Vikram Gudur, Quality Assurance Manager, Sabre Holdings

    4.50PM – 5:30PM: Session 8
    Protocol Testing
    Vijayaganesh Meenakshisundaram, VP & Head of Innovations & Solutions, Polaris