Conference Schedule:
There are two exciting parallel tracks. One for Leaders/ Managers and the other for Test Professionals.

Test Professionals: This track covers ten technical sessions on wide-range of testing topics, combining the best software testing theories with real-world examples and where participants not only learn but actually apply it immediately to their test environments.

Test Leadership: This track will focus on managing testers and the software test areas of the product lifecycle. You will learn techniques for working effectively in a leadership role with test and non-test teams, and the differences between being a manager and being a leader.

Auditorium 1: Test Professional TRACK

08.00AM - 09.00AM:      Registration

09.00AM - 09.40AM:      Inaugural Keynote
“The ugly duckling” – Changing face of Testing
T Ashok, Founder & CEO, STAG Software

10.00AM - 10.30AM:     Session 1
An optimum approach to n-tier architectured application testing

10.30AM - 11.00AM:     Session 2
Building an Automation Framework around Open Source Technologies
Building an Automation Framework around Open Source Technologies Re-usable test automation frameworks coupled with open-source tools and technologies is a key solution to shrink test cycle times and related costs. In this session learn how this framework helps in increased productivity and ROI, reduced learning curve and dependency on skilled resources, eliminated usage of commercial tools and manual configuration.

11.00AM - 11.30AM:     Morning Break
A chance to meet up with your friends and have a cup of coffee on the house!

11.30AM - 12.00PM:     Session 3
Commercial Test Automation Tools and its real benefit
Ramesh Krishnamurthy, CTO, Indium

12.00PM - 12.30PM     Session 4
Software Security Testing
Testing applications for security purposes is such a basic, important safety measure that most security professionals wouldn't think twice about it. Yet just a few years ago, the methods for application security testing were limited in both scope and number. All that has changed. In this session you will learn novel approaches to application security testing.
Dr Chandrasekar Umapathy, Manager - Application Security, Symphony Services

12.30PM - 01.00PM:     Session 5
Mobile/Infotainment Apps testing
A strategic approach to testing mobile solutions takes into account a number of characteristics unique to the mobile paradigm: the increased complexity of emerging handheld devices; the greater sensitivity to security and load related problems in wireless infrastructure; and increased complexities of scale.
Avinash Mangipudi, Test Architect, L&T Infotech

01.00PM - 02.00PM:     Lunch
Break for lunch on the house and a chance to catch up with each other!

02.00PM - 02.30PM:     Session 6
Cloud Testing: The future of software testing
While the Cloud platforms vendors (Amazon, IBM, Google, Rackspace etc.) are fighting to offer the cheapest and the most flexible environment for companies to use, cloud testing services is gaining momentum. Going forward there will be more test offerings in the Cloud. In this session, learn what is different about testing cloud solutions, what are the available tools for Clous test and what is the approach one has to take?
Mrityunjaya, Testing & Consulting Expert, Mphasis

02.30PM - 03.00PM:     Session 7
The Case for a Standard Uniform Test Modeling Language
The software testing domain is rich in the tools and solutions, offered by a variety of organizations. However, the solutions are fragmented, with solutions generated by one tool not operating with another, even from the same family of tools. This dramatically reduces their value. The presentation will analyze this problem and he will share iGATE’s experience in addressing it.
Girisan Ramankutty, Delivery Head, Testing Services, iGATE

03.00PM - 03.30PM:     Afternoon Break
Some time out for you to grab another coffee and a well earned rest.

03.30PM - 04.00PM:     Session 8
Protocol Testing
Prabha Aithal, CTO, CanvasM

04.00PM - 04.30PM:     Session 9
Globalization testing- Getting your software World-ready
This presentation looks deeper into the nuances of Globalization testing and touches upon the advanced areas of Pseudo translation and automation for multilingual applications.
Anuj Magazine, Test Manager, Products (Globalization Services), Citrix R&D India

04.30PM - 05:00PM:     Session 10
Avionics Testing
For safety critical industries like avionics, medical devices, automotive, industrial control and railway, rigorous testing is more than just good software development practice. It is a critical part of the software certification process. Traditionally, embedded software testing is a tedious and labor-intensive process.