09.00 AM to 10.00 AM:
Registration, Conversations & Connections

10.00 AM to 10.10 AM:
Gurpreet Singh, Founder and CEO, DEFTeam Solutions

10.10 AM to 10.40 AM: Session 1
The BI Revolution: Vision for BI – 2012 and Beyond
A new age of business intelligence is here. We've entered the third major generation of the BI market and it is fundamentally different than the first two generations preceding it. Cost, Cloud, and Consumerization are the new business, technology and user requirements respectively that are re-shaping the world of IT. Jaspersoft’s Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations goes in-depth on the BI revolution.
Clive Harrison, SVP - Worldwide Field Operations, Jaspersoft

10.40 AM to 11.10 AM: Session 2
Web Based Business Intelligence: The new development paradigm
Organizations are increasingly considering Web-based approaches to their business intelligence (BI) solutions. The standardization of IT architectures across the organization and the centralization of software platforms amplify the benefits of Web-based applications to IT departments. This session will address how quickly and affordably your organization can deploy easy-to-use, highly scalable, Web-based Business Intelligence (BI).
Royce Bunag, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, Jaspersoft

11.10 AM to 11.50 AM: Session 3
Enterprise Data Explosion: Tools & Techniques for Analyzing Big Data
The explosive data growth/big data for enterprises now necessitates a specialized database technology approach for specific types of workloads. Organizations today need to be able to rapidly and interactively analyze big data to gain insights and take action and analytical databases provide the best platform for a quick & affordable deployment yet powerful enough to deliver ultra-high performance on multi-terabytes datasets all on standard hardware. In this session, learn how business users can maximize the value of historical data and make more informed business decisions.
Vivek Bhatnagar, Country Director & Global Alliances, Actian Corporation
Mark Van de Wiel, Director, Product Management – Vectorwise, Actian Corporation

11.50 AM to 12.10 PM: Tea Break
Some time out for you to grab a cup of coffee and network with others!

12.10 PM to 01.10 PM:
Live Demonstration
Discover the power of self-service BI from the most widely used open source Business Intelligence vendor.
Topics Covered:
*Design reports using our web based Ad Hoc designer
*Explore and analyze data using integrated In-Memory Analysis
*Design dashboards for executives
*Schedule reports for delivery to your organization
Olga Esina, Senior Sales Engineer - Asia Pacific, Jaspersoft

01.10 PM Onwards: Lunch & Meetings