08.45 AM - 09.30 AM: Registration, Conversations & Connections

09.30 AM - 10.05 AM: Keynote Address
Riding the BI/IM Evolution Wave for Success
As business needs evolve and technology landscapes change, it becomes imperative for today's BI/IM professionals to adopt and adapt. The session will provide an overview of how BI/IM professionals can leverage the technology evolution and innovation to become successful in their spheres of work. It will focus on the new career paths that have emerged on account of this evolution and how one can cross-skill/up-skill to ride this wave.
Jayant Prabhu, General Manager & Global Practice Head - Information Management, Wipro

10.05 AM - 10.40 AM: Session 1
Business Intelligence Implementation Challenges
Ajay Patwari, Senior Technical Consultant - BI, PTC

10.40 AM - 11.10 AM: Morning Break
A chance to meet up with your friends & have a cup of coffee!

11.10 AM - 11.45 AM: Session 2
Tackling Big Data Challenge
The session intends to lay the key steps that will help you tackle the "Big" data challenge keeping all enterprise challenges in mind. Right from having the right technology at the database end to store the unstructured data to having the correct set of tools that enable valuable analytics to be performed over it. Go through a proven framework that integrates various BI products, leaders in their own areas, to create a solution that appeals to both - businesses and technocrats, equally.
Suresh Karanam, AVP - Global Head for BI Consulting, Mahindra Satyam

11.45 AM - 12.20 PM: Session 3
Value Analysis Through Embedded Analytics
A whole range of Web-based and traditional software providers are now embedding analytical power into their applications such that users can do more complex analysis of their data. As a result of this trend, the providers and their customers can gain greater insights about their businesses and thus improve decisions. The use cases span such industries as eCommerce, telecom, security and other such data-intensive verticals. The Session explains how delivering embedded analytics can expand the value of analysis to customers and partners while raising the bar for how business is done.
Hari Devarapalli, BI Solution Architect, TCS

12.20 PM - 12.55 PM: Session 4
A Tour of the Zoo - Hadoop Ecosystem
This talk will cover various tools in Hadoop ecosystem and how they can be used to solve BigData problems in the enterprise.
Prafulla Wani, Technical Architect - Big Data, Syntel

12.55 PM - 01.55 PM: Lunch
Break for lunch & a chance to catch up with each other!

01.55 PM - 02.30 PM: Session 5
Social Business Intelligence - A Paradigm Shift
In today’s world good is not good enough. We need to keep challenge our best practices, our solutions and our methodology to make sure that we should able to meet upcoming business requirements. Information Management is standing at the cusp of next generation BI, which will have Social Data , Real time analytics , Visualization, Big Data etc. We are living more on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. with compare to our respective cities. This behavior changes across the globe, generates Interactive Data which is huge and having lots of hidden information. This triggers to all corporates, Vendors and IT service industries to integrate this data into the corporate world. This presentation will talk about the shape of future BI. This will explain Why, What and How we can integrate social data into our BI systems and provide holistic information to the business to take informed decision.
Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Senior Manager - BI, Deloitte

02.30 PM - 03.05 PM: Session 6
Mobile Business Intelligence
There are lot of questions which needs clarity before organizations starts providing BI on mobile devices. What sort of information can be published on mobiles? Does existing data warehouse architecture supports mobile BI? Is it really that simple to publish any report on mobile or it involves lot of infrastructure support? What value-add organizations can get by implementing it? Is it really cost effective? Does support staff needs any additional training to handle it? Is it just one way communication or is it possible to achieve close loop BI? Can users access these reports in offline mode?
This session will dwell into nitty - gritty's of mobile BI computing and would provide insight on how organizations can implement mobile BI solutions.
Swati Das, BI Engagement Manager, Capgemini

03.05 PM - 03.30 PM: Afternoon Break
Some time out for you to grab another coffee & a well earned rest.

03.30 PM - 04.10 PM: Session 7
Predictive Modeling: Current Advancements and Future Trends
Vimit Kapoor, Head of Decision Models, ANZ Bangalore

04.10 PM - 04.50 PM: Session 8
Is your Enterprise "Data Ready"?
The predominant single point of failure for most BI initiatives is the lack of good and timely data. Though most enterprises have come a long way in becoming “data ready”, there are yet many possible avenues to look out for. The characteristics of Enterprise data have changed substantially over the years and there is a need to understand the functions of data management in light of these changes. This talk provides a back to basics overview of what enterprise leaders and architects should focus on to make themselves ready for the journey ahead.
Sastry K V S N, Principal Architect - BI (Financial Services & Insurance), Infosys

04.50 PM: Conclusion