Dipanshu Sharma
By Dipanshu Sharma - Founder & CEO, xAd Inc.
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Sanjay Kanodia
By Sanjay Kanodia - CEO, Pervacio Inc.
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Raj Tumuluri
By Raj Tumuluri - CEO, Openstream Inc.
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Peeyush Dayal
By Peeyush Dayal - Founder & CEO, OnSumaye Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
With the explosion of smart phones in the later part of 2000 and various platforms such as Android and iOS taking off,...  more>>
Subrah Iyar
By Subrah Iyar - CEO, Moxtra Inc.
It was an exit of epic proportion: Subrah Iyar, co-founder and former CEO of WebEx, sold his company to Cisco for $3.2...  more>>
Ashok Kartham
By Ashok Kartham - Founder & CEO, Mize, Inc.
Brands waste over $100 billion per year in ineffective marketing methods that consumers try to avoid. Even though customer...  more>>
Devendra Deshmukh
By Devendra Deshmukh - CEO, e-Zest Solutions Inc
In the rush of enterprise mobility challenges, there is one undercurrent that is especially challenging for CIOs and CTOs:...  more>>