Satya Sai Engineering College,Baleshwar,Orissa.
Establishment:- 1999.
About us:
Satyasai Engineering College is a place where dreams take flight. First, the thirst for knowledge and inquiry develops in the mind and then in the work the spirits sours above the mundane activities to the realm of self contentment. Conceived as the heaven of intellectual thought and human fellowship, the college, at heart nurtures a serious and urgent mission i.e. the creation of higher human resources for excellence in the respective spheres of work and the consolidation and the technological and instructional power to sustain that excellence. In short, Satyasai Engineering College is dedicated to the all-round development of the youth.
The college is situated near the rare, unique beautiful gift of nature is world famous Chandipur Sea Beach, the college has got its luxuriant infrastructure with modern latest class room facilities having well equipped state of art laboratories well stocked library.
The college has got a strong alumnus. The passed out student of this college are well placed in MNCs like Wipro, Microsoft, Infosys. Tech Mahindra, Vedanta, Pasco, Sun Micro system.
Course offered: