BLOOD DONATION CAMP After the huge success of traffic awareness programme “Main Gandhi Hoon” OM SHANTI ENGINEERING COLLEGE RAJKOT (SREZ) organized BLOOD DONATION CAMP on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti that is on 2nd October, and in that college has donated 1,00,000 (1 lac) c.c. blood to the society OM SHANTI ENGINEERING COLLEGE RAJKOT (SREZ) includes the Degree and Diploma colleges have together made effort for this social cause. College believes in aspiring the youth who studies for engineering to be developed completely. College aims at “To make out better Citizens from good Engineers”, and to teach this social values, College organized BLOOD DONATION CAMP for teaching and learning this social values. Principal Dr. MiteshPopat in his address to the student enforced student to take opportunity to give little contribution to the society by DONATING BLOOD. On that counting College gathered 1,00,000 C.C. of blood from Adminstration Staff, Academic Staff and Students. BLOOD DONATION CAMP got overwhelming response from all.


To build a multi-disciplinary University
To reignite the Guru-Shishya pratha
To provide twenty-first century education to create global citizens..
To introduce an entrepreneurship mindset
To inculcate moral values
To create an future - ready atmosphere that shall nurture a spirit of patriotism in our students who would put service to the Nation before self.


The Mission of The Sanjayraj Education Zone is to mould and guide the students to exceed their own limitations and reach their highest potential. We hope to create citizens of the world who are not merely degree holders, with academic excellence, but are also thoroughly equipped, to contribute to the welfare of the society at large. Our students shall have the strength and courage to face all challenges and cheerfully shoulder the responsibilities of life.

Programmes Offered: