Emertxe: Uplifting the Embedded Systems and IoT Industry

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 15 September, 2016
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JayakumarBalasubramanian, Director

Emertxe: Uplifting the Embedded Systemsand IoT Industry

While, the Electronic System Design andManufacturing (ESDM) market in India is estimated to grow from US$ 94 billionin 2015 to US$ 400 billion by 2020, the Government of India is expecting largescale investment proposals in electronics manufacturing to give a push to theMake in India initiative. However, the widening gap between demand and supplyof skilled professionals for embedded systems, IoT and very large-scaleintegration (VLSI) design has been hampering the growth potential of thismarket. Hence, the big players in the market are opting for trainedprofessionals against fresh graduates. Established in 2003, Emertxe is a marketleader in embedded system training and the institute’s flagship training centrein Bangalore has one of the most exhaustive suites of embedded technologycourses available in India.

“Over a decade, we have been driving ourvision by being a platform, to create best-in-class learning experience, and tomake an average learner to learn latest technologies, in the simplest waypossible,” says Maaz Jukaku, Managing Director, Emertxe. Since theinception, Emertxe has carved a niche, to become the top institute in the areaof Embedded Systems and Internet-of-Things (IoT) by creating broad range ofportfolio based courses. “We do not launch or deliver any new products intraining until we have highly skilled resources with excellent experience inIndustry based projects. Hence, there was not much deterrence to become a key playerin the market,” claims  Maaz.

The fundamental reasons, why any companyschedules training for their employees are quick ramp-up for their projects, orstructured employee skill development as part their policy. Since Emertxe hasexpert corporate trainers in IT, embedded systems, Embedded Linux internals,Android systems  development andprogramming, Qt, QML and Qt quick application development trainings, all withIndustry background, the companies find immediate value in both. “Companiesalso benefit from hiring trained embedded and Linux candidates from Emertxe.Since these candidates are already trained, companies benefit in terms offaster deployment into projects. In summary, we impact companys basic metricslike efficiency, cost, time by offering high quality trainings,” says Maaz. Thetrainers employed by Emertxe are professionals who have worked with variouscorporate organizations like Samsung, HP, Novell and Huawei and bring in 15+years of experience on average. They are very passionate about technologyeducation thereby blending their practical experiences with all the trainingprograms. “Our trainers have proven track record in launching commercial gradeproducts in the areas of consumer electronics, enterprise solutions, cloudservices, telecommunications and manufacturing segments. With such vastexperience, they understand industry requirements very well in order tomaximize the value,” claims Jayakumar Balasubramanian, Director, Emertxe.

Emertxe provides training in wide range ofportfolio in embedded product development and IoT ecosystem. For Job orientedbased courses, the institute has flagship programs like Emertxe CertifiedEmbedded Professional (ECEP) and Emertxe Certified IoT Professional, which haveheavy stress in practical approach towards learning and thereby entry-levelengineers can improve skills and land in their first job. On the flipside, todevelop specific skills of working professionals, Emertxe offers workshops andwide array of trainings in Linux device drivers, Embedded Linux porting on ARMand Kernel Internals, Qt application development, Android system developmentand many more. While, these courses help experienced professionals to improvetheir career by getting into a better job roles and responsibilities, Emertxeuses a combination of different methods to make the learning effective andresult oriented.

“Rather than theory based learning, we havebuilt our course based on use-case so that learners can construct a practicalview of technology. This naturally builds engagement in learning. On the otherhand, we lay very heavy stress on building sound fundamentals,” explainsJayakumar. Today, Emertxe trains 200 to 250 students per month, including freshgraduates and Professionals working in various corporate companies. “Inaddition to what we are providing, we will be including courses in the latestframework in embedded product development, which includes machine learning,artificial intelligence and Machine analytics as per market needs. We wouldlike to see ourselves as the front-runner to provide training solutions andprovide best value in terms of learning and creating jobs,” concludes Maaz.

JayakumarBalasubramanian, Director

Jayakumar Balasubramanian is a graduatefrom National Institute of Technology, Warangal. With strong skills to adapt toenvironment and contribute to organizational success, he has worked withorganizations of different sizes in the past 15 years. A techno-business leaderwith demonstrated results in organization building, delivering complexprograms/projects, creating product road maps by creating high performingteams, Jayakumar is passionate about the areas of Education and Innovativeproduct building to solve common problems. 

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