The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur was established in the year 1960.The Parliament of India passed the ‘Institutes of Technology Act 1961’ declaring all the IITs as “Institutions of National Importance”. The Parliamentary Act has given absolute autonomy to the IITs. When the foundation stone of the IIT system was laid, it was perceived that taking help from the industrially advanced western countries might be lot more effective in achieving the status of a world class technical institute. Hence, IIT Kanpur had a massive collaboration with USA through a specially created programme- KIAP (KanpurIndo American Programme). It is said to be the largest ever academic assistance programme supported by U.S.A. Such close interaction brought fresh air, new ideas and novel thoughts into the academic programmes and academic administration. IIT Kanpur substituted the traditional annual system with semester system and also introduced the letter grade system instead of marks for evaluating the students for the first time in the country. IIT Kanpur may
also take pride in introducing the concepts of term papers, unannounced quizzes etc

Engineering Branches:
B.Tech:Aerospace Engineering
B.Tech:Biological Sciences & Bioengineering
B.Tech:Chemical Engineering
B.Tech:Civil Engineering
B.Tech:Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech:Electrical Engineering
B.Tech:Industrial & Management Engineering
B.Tech:Materials & Metallurgical Engineering
B.Tech:Mechanical Engineering

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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur