Rayat Institute of Engineering &  Technology, Ropar (Punjab)

Rayat Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ropar (Punjab)

About us: Rayat Institute of Engineering and Information Technology came into existence in the year 2001. At the time of inception three B.Tech. Programmes in the areas of Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Information Technology were introduced. Subsequently, B.Tech. programmes in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and M.Tech programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering were added. Table gives an account of various programmes being run by the Institute and their dates of introduction. The Rayat Bahra Group's vision is to be one of the India's largest educational groups. With its world class teaching standards, outstanding faculty and innovative academic programmes, Rayat Bahra Group intends to set a new benchmark in Indian education. In the words of our President, Nirmal Singh Rayat, the Rayat Bahra Group is an...
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