About College of Engineering, Pune :
College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP), chartered in 1854 is a nationally respected leader in technical education. The institute is distinguished by its commitment to finding solutions to the great predicaments of the day through advanced technology. The institute has a rich history and dedication to the pursuit of excellence.College of Engineering, Pune offers a unique learning experience across a spectrum of academic and social experiences. With a firm footing in truth and humanity, the institute gives you an understanding of both technical developments and the ethics that go with it. The curriculum is designed to enhance your academic experience through opportunities like internships, study abroad programmes and research facilities. The hallmark of College of Engineering, Pune education is its strong and widespread alumni network, support of the industry and the camaraderie that the institute shares with several foreign universities. The institute is consistently ranked amongst the top 20 technical colleges in India and its alumni have contributed a lion’s share in development of national infrastructure.

Courses Offered at College of Engineering, Pune :

B.Tech - Civil Engineering
B.Tech - E & TC Engineering
B.Tech - Electronics Engineering
B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech - Computer Engineering
B.Tech - Electrical Engineering
Training & Placement at College of Engineering, Pune :

College of Engineering, Pune has always prided itself on the quality of the campus placements it offers to its students. The industry in and around Pune, and indeed many from far off, look to recruit the best brains entering the industry from College of Engineering, Pune. This ensures that students at College of Engineering, Pune have the pick of the kind of work that they want to do.

College of Engineering, Pune also offers its students training to face the job interviews and group discussions which students are expected to go through. It also ensures that all the students at College of Engineering, Puneare giving the ‘finishing school’ treatment in order to prepare them for the world of opportunities awaiting them. Thus College of Engineering, Pune, through the T&P dept. ensures the best for its students.
This process of training and placement is handled by the T&P department. This department is organized under a T&P officer, under whom there are department-wise officers and student reps who handle training and placements.
College of Engineering, Pune is known all over India and abroad as provider of dynamic & talented engineers to the industries.
Campus Address:
College of Engineering, Pune
Wellesely Rd,
Pune-411 005.
Maharashtra, INDIA.