The trust has been setup to create an educational hub that churns out professionals imbibed with values heritage and culture. The trustees have individually founded and grown enterprises into successful ventures, and this experience, rapport and enthuism shall be used to bring in the best from the students.


To provide quality education and groom top-notch professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders for different fields of engineering, technology and management.
To open a Training-R & D-Design-Consultancy cell in each department, gradually introduce doctoral and postdoctoral programmes, encourage basic & applied research in areas of social relevance, and develop the institute as a centre of excellence.
To develop academic, professional and financial alliances with the industry as well as the academia at national and transnational levels.
To cultivate strong community relationships and involve the students and the staff in local community service.
To constantly enhance the value of the educational inputs with the participation of students, faculty, parents and industry.


Development of academically excellent,culturally vibrant,socially responsible and globally competent human resources.


To keep pace with advancements in knowledge and make the students competitive and capable at the global level.
To create an environment for the students to accquire the right physical,intellectual,emotional and moral foundations and shine as tourchbearers of tomorrow's scociety.
To strive to attain ever-higher benchmarks of educational excellence.

Courses Offered:

Computer Science & Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering