Top 100 Engineering Colleges In India - 2022

Top 100 Engineering Colleges In India - 2022
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If one poses the appropriate question—Does a society need students of science with an emphasis on practical application?—it is simple to justify the nation’s love affair with the profession of engineering. Indeed, a nation that is developing itself would require that kind of human capital! But somewhere along the road, helped by the BPO, IT, and other unrelated booms, engineering ceased to be considered as the bedrock of development and became instead the minimal requirement for obtaining seemingly any job at all. That’s a bitter man’s perspective, and it is completely skewed on so many levels that we won’t even try to explain it without making this edition too long. The foundation for a country’s prosperity and security during an international, knowledge-driven economy can be its leadership in technology and innovation.

The next generation of “Sir MV” can only be created by the best engineering education and educators. The changes we have witnessed globally can be used to gauge the genuine relevance of engineering education. The globe has encountered numerous obstacles over the past few years, including diseases, energy shortages, development issues, climatic issues, and other issues that required solutions and were in some way addressed by the engagement of technical resources. Engineers, in other words, maintain the confidence of an expanding economy. Therefore, a highly advanced army with expertise in all fields of science, mathematics, and rapidly evolving technology may be required in the future. This is a call for all universities’ engineering students to have professional life training.

Understanding the entire scope of engineering colleges, siliconindia has compiled a detailed list of the ‘Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India - 2022’. This list of forerunners in India’s engineering education sector was compiled by a distinguished panel comprised of siliconindia Editorial Board, engineering experts, HR managers, recent graduates, job portals, and recruitment firms. This panel has further simplified the search for its readers by creating individual lists of the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India’s North, South, East, West, and Central zones, as well as a dedicated category of Emerging Engineering Colleges.

We hope this initiative proves to a beneficial one for you!

Top 100 Engineering Colleges In India - 2022

1 IIT - Kanpur Mumbai Maharastra 27.3
2 IIT Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 26.92
3 IIT Delhi Delhi 26.48
4 IIT Chennai Tamilnadu 26.22
5 IIT Kharagpur West Bengal 25.75
6 IT- BHU Guwahati Assam 25.42
7 College of Engineering Pune Maharashtra 25.38
8 NIT Warangal Telangana 25.11
9 IIT Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 24.88
10 Bengal Engineering and Science University Shibpur West Bengal 24.71
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