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PTE Academic(The Pearson Test of English Academic)

PTE Academic is a computer-based test which delivers real-life measures of test takers language ability. The test is designed for non-native speakers who wish to study in an institution where English is the primary language of instruction

Who should take it:
PTE Academic is designed for students whose first language is not English and who need to meet English-language proficiency requirements for higher education applications and admissions.

Test Modules
Speaking and Writing - These modules assess all communications skills of a test taker.

Module includes:
  • Reading a Text Aloud
  • Repeating a sentence
  • Describing an Image
  • Re-telling a Lecture
  • Answering short questions
  • Summarizing a text
  • Writing an essay
Reading - This module assesses reading skills of the test taker.

Module includes:
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Re-ordering Paragraphs
  • Filling Blanks in a text
Listening - This module assesses listening of the test taker.
Module includes:
  • Summarizing spoken text
  • Multiple Choice Questions based on recording
  • Fill blanks in a transcript based on recording
  • Writing a dictation.
Key PTE Academic facts:
  • measures real-life language ability
  • demonstrates your ability to communicate in an academic setting
  • measures your Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills
  • measures international English
  • is scored using automated scoring, an objective and accurate scoring method
  • test questions use content from authentic sources
PTE Academic is a computer-based test and is delivered in the PearsonVUE network of test centers. It utilizes up-to-date technology to accurately and authentically measure your English language ability. The test consists of three parts with one optional break, as outlined in the table below. The first section is a personal introduction, which will be sent to institutions along with your score report.
This section is untimed and will allow you to get comfortable with speaking into the headset.

Part Content Time Allowed
Introduction Introduction Not timed
Part 1 Speaking & Writing 77 – 93 minutes
Part 2 Reading 32 – 44 minutes
Optional Break 10 minutes
Part 3 Listening 45 – 57 minutes

PTE Academic uses content gathered from real-world sources and from a variety of media such as the Internet, radio, television and textbooks.
The language you will hear on the test reflects the variety of accents that you will hear in an academic setting. You are provided with an erasable white board notebook, so that you can take notes during the test.

Register for PTE Academic
You can register to take PTE Academic at a time and date that is convenient for you. The test is available on a "choose and book" basis in test centers around the world. You can see an up-to-date list of available test centers here. You will receive your scores online typically within five business days. After receiving your scores, you can send them to as many institutions as you like, at no additional charge. Institutions will receive scores normally within 48 hours after a student indicates their desire to send scores.

PTE Academic score reports show how well test takers did on the four communication skills, Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing, as well as the enabling skills of grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse. Test takers are provided with information on their performance on each section so that they can improve their skills in specific areas if needed.
For more information about PTE Academic, visit www.pearsonpte.com
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