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A & R Info Security Solutions

A & R Info Security Solutions


About the Company

A & R Info Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative information security services and solution provider organization. It is an organization that aims to leverage extensive knowledge and experience in security to help build advance security enterprises ensuring risk free IT growth.

The Founder Director of A & R Info Security Solutions, Mr.Rakshit Tandon, has 2 decades of experience in the field and has been associated with IAMAI, NCSSS and law enforcement agencies as advisor. He has also conducted programs sensitizing more than 1.7 million people around India on topic of cyber security.

The company develops information security solutions through advisory, engagement and remediation to secure and respond to cyber threats in infrastructure and technology stack. Their client list includes companies across verticals such as Government departments, banks, telecom, software companies, manufacturing and trading units, e-commerce etc. The consultants possess the requisite industry certifications, but more importantly they are equipped with a wide range of skills covering different technologies and environments.

Current Market Landscape

The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years with a record number of incidents and threats being reported. Cyber security market is worth 202 billion by 2021. There is increasing need for stringent compliance and regulatory due to increased cyber security breaches. Cyber security needs of internet of things and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends and increased deployment of web & cloud-based business applications.

Attackers are rapidly becoming more sophisticated and threats are originating from a wide range of sources externally (syndicated crime, foreign intelligence agencies, and activists); internally (disgruntled employees, unintended disclosures) and through the supply chain (counterfeit hardware, unsecure software, poor coding practices).


Cyber security market in India is expected to grow to 2.15 billion in 2019 at CAGR of 12.8 percent. It is driven by technological developments in the country that is inviting end user interests for greater security.

Addressing the Challenges

Challenges in India – In India, organizations think that not preventive measures but also continuous monitoring is important aspect to prevent such challenges to be catered.

Currently, in India, people are not sensitized to the topic of cyber security, and corporates still don’t consider cyber threat so as important. This is evident from the fact many companies CISO responsibilities are handled by CTO.

Key security initiatives for a majority of organizations in 2015 include – security monitoring, identity governance and administration, mobile and cloud security governance, advance threat defense, application security, and security policy and program management.

A & R Info Security Solutions gears to address these challenges through multidimensional services in different service areas. These include government departments, corporates and academia. The service areas are focused to evolve these areas to sensitize about cyber security, resolve ever increasing cyber crime cases and help corporates strengthen their infrastructure to provide safe and secure enterprise.


The service areas include Government Departments, Corporates, and Academia. Within these areas, the firm provides consulting, engagement and remediation services to its clients.


Consulting focuses on analyzing organizations holistically to strengthen their cyber security strategy to provide hinder proof business continuity. The services include Cyber Security Program, Malware Analysis, Security Operations Center, and Vulnerability Assessment. Engagement services to implement cyber security solutions through industry best methodologies and tools thereby developing a risk free IT environment. The services include Penetration Testing, SIEM, Source Code Review, Social Engineering and System Hardening.

Finally, remediation offer immediate response to any incident that occur in enterprise to identify the root cause and to safeguard enterprises from malicious sources. The key services under remediation would include Incident Response, Financial Fraud and Digital Forensic.

Differentiating Factors

The services are unique in the market as they cater to the needs of clients, government departments and education institutes. A & R Info Security Solutions have then positioned consulting, engagement and remediation services to complement service areas and to fulfill various sectors.

Organizational Culture

A & R Info Security Solutions’ organization culture is based on its 5 value systems.

Integrity – They believe in being honest and take responsibility to deliver work

Teamwork – They leverage the power of teamwork to attain their objectives

Respect - Respecting the perspective of people is core value in their working

Innovate - Innovation is key to change and growth

Fun - They make work fun

Harboring Innovation

A & R Info Security Solutions harbor innovation among employees through its value systems and by focusing on R&D. Respecting other point of view is essential to harness creativity. This is complemented with culture of innovation to accelerate creation in the way they do our activities.

The company leverages operational philosophy that helps them focus and deliver as per need of the customers.

• Under-Committing and Over-Delivering Approach

• Latest Methodologies and 100 percent Tested resources

• No compromise with quality of work at any point of time

Go-to-Market Plans

A & R Info Security Solutions has a well-defined go-to market strategy. The strategy is focused on 3 pillars –going global, increasing presence in Indian market and leveraging brand value. Their going global strategy includes participation in global events and seminars. They have been participating in Gitex Technology Week for last 3 years. It also includes reaching out to customers with its services through new channels of partnerships.

Increasing presence in Indian market include accelerating in 3 service areas of government departments, corporates and academia. This includes creating a business model in academia for creating sustainable revenue models further encasing on existing relationships to build partnerships in corporate and government departments.

Finally, leveraging brand value of their existing leaders in the area of cyber security is our focused strategy. The firm aims to leverage their existing relationships, build partnerships and conduct marketing campaigns for these relationships.

Quick Facts

 1) Year of founding: 2013

2) Funding information: Self-Funded

3) Founding members: Mr Rakshit Tandon and Mr Amit Kumar Gupta

4) Office locations: Head Office – A-22, 3rd Floor, Sector 3, Noida

5) Company strength: 26

6) Website: