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ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd.

ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd.

ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd.

AN ISO27001:2013 Certified Company

Has Ranked Number 1

About the Company

ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. It is one of the first companies in India to combine techno-legal faculties in the field of Information Security, pioneering in field of providing customized solutions pertaining to data security, data misuse, web attacks and digital forensics by combining technical expertise with legal acumen.

The company provides Information Security and Cyber Forensic Services which is customized to your business needs. It provides a secure working environment for business with its data security solutions. This not only leads into smooth and efficiently running of your business but also protects your business reputation. The firm maintains professional approach and proper service delivery standards as per best practices in the Industry.

ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd. provides digital forensic investigation services to corporates and assist their internal investigation teams to apprehend actual culprits by adhering to BEST PRACTICES followed by the industry.

The company carries out Information Security Audits involving Vulnerability Analysis which helps an organization to find out the specific vulnerability in the existing set up and identify the areas which are not compliant with the requisite security standards. The Audit involves scrutiny of all end to end system and processes in detail along with recommended improvements.


To create a secure working world by providing expert guidance and value-added services to organisations,and get acknowledged as global leader in Cyber Forensic & Information Security Services.


“Application of technical expertise combined with legal acumen to provide quick, viable, effective and visible solutions to new and developing problems posed in Information Technology.”

Current Market Landscape

The market size in India has grown drastically from 2014 onwards. India being the world’s second largest population has watched a tremendous growth in cyber security market from the beginning of 2014 which was estimated to be roughly around $500million.According to PwC reports cited in The Economic times, India’s cyber security market size has jumped over $1billion in 2015.As per the news, India has seen whopping 100 percent year over year growth.

Worldwide cyber security market has grown from $3.5billion in 2004 to $75billion in 2015 as per reports. According to market researcher from Gartner, projected that IT security growth is near about 25 percent and has shown the fastest growth as compared to last year. As per Forbes, they forecasted that cyber security market will reach $170billion by 2020. As per reports by Morgan the cyber security market grew by roughly 35x over 13 years and it is said to be fastest growing tech sector.

Addressing the Challenges

Practically every day a new information security breach incident is reported in the media. Most of the cyber-attacks are not even reported. There is a drastic rise in the number of stealth attacks faced by companies in India and abroad. There is also a drastic rise in insider attacks from disgruntled employees within the companies. A data breach incident not only puts a company’s reputation in jeopardy but also hamper them financially. To count a few of the major losses that a company has to face after a data breach, are Intellectual Property loss, loss of sensitive and confidential data, financial loss, loss of reputation in the market, time and cost for remediation and litigation, revenue impacts and changes to staff and management.

Company’s mostly see Information security as a requirement from their client’s side and so they go for maintaining Information Security posture within the organization. Organization should be aware of the fact that even if the requirement does not come from their client’s, still it is the responsibility of the organization to maintain proper information Security practices to safeguard their confidential data.

ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd. addresses the challenges of data breach and incident response with their dedicated and skilled cyber forensic team. They evaluate existing IT Infrastructure and develop defensive strategies as per best practices which is customized as per your data security needs. Their Information Security team has a wider and deep industry knowledge to identify and analyse GAPS and loopholes in your Network, Servers and End User Systems. After uncovering the vulnerabilities their Information Security team build data security plans to mitigate the risks in your systems preventing any kind of hacks. ANA Cyber Forensic constantly makes companies aware about importance of Data Security through its seminars, webinars, blogs, latest news bulletins and our newsletters.


  •  ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Consultation & Implementation
  •  Information Security Audit,
  • GAP Analysis,
  • Cyber Forensic,
  • Vulnerability Assessment,
  • Website Security,
  •  Mobile App Security,
  •  BCP-DR,
  •  Network Security,
  •  Penetration Testing,
  •  Risk Assessment,
  •  E-discovery,
  •  Digital Forensic Investigation,
  • Data Recovery,
  •  Incident Response,
  •  Cyber Advisory,
  • Antecedent Verification
  •  Training & Awareness.

Differentiating Factors

  • Presence of Techno Legal experts
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified company
  • Customised service offerings depending upon the organization requirement and Infrastructure
  •  Expert witness in courts
  •  Preservation of digital evidence following best practices in the Industry


Konecranes, Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd., Cosma International, Infinity Data Technologies, Nagreeka, Gharda Institute and the list goes on.

Organizational Culture

Organisation Culture is of openness, encouragement to innovativeness, constant research and updation of knowledge and skills, focus on team work, encouraging people to take ownership of work, multitasking.

Employee Programmes

  • Team building activities are held once every quarter
  • Sports activities are held once every month
  • Employee engagement activities are done like cultural events, team lunch, ethnic wear during Festive day

Harboring Innovation

  • They are encouraged to write papers in recent topics
  • Do testing in simulated environment
  • Appropriately rewarded for the work
  • Encouraged to improvise on existing practices and procedures

Quick Facts

Year of founding: 2010

Certifications: ISO 27001:2013 certified

Company’s Website: