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December - 2009 issue
Late one night in 2001 Sunit Saxena had to make an urgent dash to a grocery store., He was unable to... more>>
The recession that succeeded the great ‘Dot Com Bust’ of 2000 may have led the emergence of Outs... more>>
November - 2009 issue
The office of Sandeep Sahai, President and COO of Headstrong, is bustling with activity. The 46 year... more>>
October - 2009 issue
Sanpper is an ardent player of World of Worldcraft online. For days, he has been trying to complete ... more>>
The Next Big Impact
Kris Gopalakrishnan
Business wants to achieve three things - higher growth, higher profits and better asset efficiency. ... more>>
September - 2009 issue
Sara frequents MySpace to connect with her old friends, make new ones, and drum up jobs. Well, this ... more>>
Having co-founded Atos Syntel (formerly Syntel Inc.) in 1980, Bharat has served the company in v... more>>
August - 2009 issue
nSys Verification Made Easy
Aritra Bhattacharya
Atul Bhatia is busy modelling nSys the McDonald way. This is not only in terms of the scale and reac... more>>
It’s always been appropriate for businesses worldwide to wax eloquent about the value of customer-... more>>
July - 2009 issue
Over the last decade or so Calabasas, CA-based Ixia has emerged as a leader in Converged IP-based te... more>>
“Hey John, I’d been trying to connect a customer to your desk. I believe you just missed an impo... more>>
June - 2009 issue
Ram Gopalan and Ravi Gopalan are brothers in arms with a mission. Though they went their different w... more>>
It's a fact: today corporate governance and IT governance are inextricably linked. However, while i... more>>
May - 2009 issue
The Midas of Mayfield
Poonam Bhattacharya
Navin Chaddha is Managing Director at Mayfield Fund, a 40 year old venture capital firm with $2.8B u... more>>
Forbes lists him in its Top 100 Entrepreneurs and he had one of the most successful ventures of the ... more>>
April - 2009 issue
Infogain’s President and CEO Kapil Nanda loves golden-haired English Setters. His pet Sketch is ge... more>>
One of the challenges of being a software product company in India is that professional services com... more>>
March - 2009 issue
Today Desiree depends on Yugma for its interactions with clients and teams because it is an easy to ... more>>
Enterprise 2.0 continues to expand across businesses and enterprises. In a February 2009 article, co... more>>
February - 2009 issue
FatWire helps organizations the world over to deliver a rich online experience to users and simplify... more>>
Since Friedman’s “flatworldnomics” became the style of corporate work culture, global travel h... more>>
January - 2009 issue
There are two reasons as to why a startup, in this case SiliconBlue Technologies, can manage to win ... more>>
Despite the deep depression miseries around I believe that the semiconductor IP market is growing su... more>>