October-2009  issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
Sanpper is an ardent player of World of Worldcraft online. For days, he has been trying to complete the seventh level of the game, which happens to be one of the toughest levels. Today, he crossed the level and has joined the league of... more>>
In My Opinion
Kris Gopalakrishnan
Business wants to achieve three things - higher growth, higher profits and better asset efficiency. Together, they impact... more>>
Mixed Bag
Zoya Anna Thomas
When he helped found the IITs in 1951, Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister didn’t realize that he was giving his... more>>
Janakiraman S
It is a great sense of satisfaction when I look back into my IIT days at Chennai. Being an IITian, I must admit that IIT... more>>
Director Speak
M.S. Ananth
It’s important to give all that you have when you have the chance. Most of the technologists in the Valley may not be... more>>
U B Desai
Today, academic institutions have to be competitive globally; it is just not enough to be competitive locally. Perhaps, the... more>>
Sanjeev Sardana
From traditional brokers to independent financial advisors, where can the high net worth investors turn to for objective... more>>
si Team
Recession is really not a time to spend $20 to drive to the movies, another $20 for tickets, and $15 for coke and some popcorn.... more>>
View Point
Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala
Often, I’m asked about the state of ‘research’ in India. In spite of having one of the best educational institutes in the... more>>
CEO Spot Light
Diaz Nesamoney
The biggest trend with the Internet is its transition from a passive medium to an active and engaging medium. By that, I mean... more>>
Yogesh Gupta
The Web has become a key differentiator across all industries and the current economic scenario, and the resulting emphasis on... more>>
VC talk
Alok Mittal
For years, enterprise buyers have driven technology venture markets. The mantra for success was to create a product or service... more>>
Sashi Reddi
Probably everyone knows of one or more IIT alumni who have become successful entrepreneurs. Who hasn’t heard of Vinod Khosla,... more>>
Christo Jacob
“Transforming complex problems through simple solutions is the best way to solve complex problems in business, technology and... more>>
VC Chakra
si Team
BLADE Network Technologies, a provider of Gigabit and 10G Ethernet cloud-ready networking solutions for enterprise data centers... more>>
si Team
A Mountain View based developer of mobile Web browsers, Skyfire has raised $5 million in third-round funding. The funding comes... more>>
Ragula Bhaskar
I see a number of trends in the IT industry that will soon play a central role in shaping up successful business practices, and... more>>
Vipin Jain
I recently had the opportunity to talk about verticalization at a Silicon Valley event. I described what verticalization means,... more>>
Ajay Jain
A recent article about Fannie Mae, a U.S. government-sponsored enterprise chartered by Congress to provide liquidity,... more>>
In Focus
si Team
In spite of the signs of protectionism in the U.S, there has been a marked entry of Indians in the Obama White House. With nine... more>>
si Team
Of the total 6.6 million visas issued worldwide by the U.S. government last year, about 630,000 went to Indians in their home... more>>
Entrepreneur 101
Gunjan Sinha
In the last few months there has been a roaring debate here in the United States on how to revamp the arcane and inefficient... more>>
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