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Management Pitfalls
The Project environment offers numerous opportunities for project managers and team members to get into trouble. Common types of management pitfalls are Lack of self-control (Knowing oneself) Activity traps Managing versus doing People... more >>

Recording Material Costs Using Earned Value Measurements
Material costs can be recorded at various times. Material costs can be recorded as commitments, expenditures, accruals, and applied costs. All provide useful information and are important for control purposes. Because of the choices available for... more >>

Pert/Cpm Planning
PERT is called program evaluation and review techniques and CPM stands for Critical Path Method. The Longest activity duration while preparing schedule and activity list; in a project is called critical path. PERT is a six step process. Steps one... more >>

Enterprise Project Management Methodologies
Enterprise project management methodologies can enhance the project planning process as well as providing some degree of standardization and consistency. Companies have come to realization that enterprise project management methodologies work best... more >>

Managing Crisis Projects
Project managers have become accustomed to managing within a structure such as an enterprise project management methodology. The statement of work had gone through several iterations and was clearly defined. A work break down structure existed and... more >>

Role Of Project Manager And Evolution Of Project Management
The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating and integrating activities across multiple functional lines. The integration activities performed by the project manager include: Integrating the activities necessary to develop the project... more >>

Project Management And Risk Planning
Executives will be facing increasingly complex challenges during the next decade. These challenges will be the result of high escalation factors for salaries and raw materials, increased union demands, pressure from stock holders, and the... more >>

Quantum Dynamics Of Six Sigma
Six Sigma is Denoted by the Greek alphabet σ which is shown in the table above and is called as Standard deviation. The father of Six Sigma is Bill Smith who coined the term Six Sigma and implemented it in Motorola in the 1980’s. A... more >>

Six Sigma Methods And Its Application In Project Management
Projects are temporary in nature ; have definite start and end dates; produce a unique product ,service or a result; and are completed when their goals and objectives have been met and signed off by the stakeholders. Project Management is the... more >>

Six Sigma Methods And Formulas For Successful Quality Management
Six Sigma is basically the application of Statistical formulas and Methods to eliminate defects, variation in a product or a process. For example if you want to find the average height of male population in India, you cannot bring the entire... more >>

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