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About Animoon India :

Animoon (Animation wing MIDT) has been started by a team of animators and directors. Its main focus is to develop high quality animation film making training in India. Over the years of research the team was responsible for developing and building one of the best animation training brands in India. We believe a perfect animator should know and understand the subject of animation in all means from script to screen. Animoon is powered by own studio. All the classes are designed to make you understand and learn what goes through the production of an animated film or animated TV series. So student get to polish their skills on live project that are part of their internship programme. Every programme offered is regularly reviewed by industry leaders advisors and employers for relevance in the market place

Why Animoon?

Trying hard to balance the jungle rule of 'survival of the fittest' and the human rule of 'let me be', we arrange for sessions that will prepare our students to maneuver their path through a happy life in spite of all its instincts.
To recognize emotions that make life and to have a story to tell, require the tool of animation to be expressed. We steer minds to microscopic perceptions of life and teach them their portrayal in forms closest to life-animation!
Thirst for knowledge is such that oceans wide be insufficient to quench it. Love for knowledge be such that it be a journey larger than life.

Our faculty comprises a team of highly skilled professionals with vast experience. They have worked on various prominent animation projects in India and abroad. At Animoon the faculty doesn't limit their role only to teaching but also involve themselves into the production design for home production. With the help of such creative inputs from faculty members students can become animators and storytelling experts. Our faculty's experience in the animation training in fact offers a unique dimension to Animoon's exclusive training programme.
  • Drawing-N.Kumar (MFA JNTU)
  • Flash - A.Acharya (Ex Greengold)
  • 3D
  • Modelling -D.Reddy (Ex Crest Mumbai)
  • Texturing - T. Barua ( Ex Mel Mumbai)
  • Lighting - Susma (Ex DQ Hyderabad)
  • Animation & Rigging-A.Ghosh(Ex Utv,Mel),N .Mutthu ( Ex DQ)
  • VFX
  • K.Vijay-(Ex Prasad Lab & prime focus)
  • Shyamsunder(2 years experience as a faculty)
  • Pre production- A. Kumar (BFA)
  • Cinematography- R .Banerjee (SIFT)
  • Editing-P.Mondal (Pgdmwt)
  • P.Sirisha (MCA)- 3 years experience(Ex weblogic)
  • Sunita k (BCA)- Jr faculty
  • Ramesh .k (MA) 15 years experience (Ex V .consultancy)
  • P.Gupta (MA)
  • Placements/Internships
    Animoon is powered by two (Umithi Communications & M Production) own production studios where movies like Mr. Love & Miss Lovely, Lal Chimpu, Shaktidevta are under production. Thus the students get to polish their skills on live projects that are part of their internship programme. Thus preparing them for the real action that awaits them outside the institute. World renowned Animation studios are setting up a permanent base in India. And animation studios already present are growing exponentially which has fueled demand for skilled and proficient animators and artist in Indian animation industry. Animoon places its students in three different manners, which covers in house recruitment, campus placements and online placement consultancy. We have exclusive tie-up with leading animation college and universities in India and abroad, which students can pursue their further studies. Hence some handpicked talent from Animoon will be absorbed for home production.
    We also have a abroad placement cell. We place our students to Dubai, Singapore, Japan,Hongkong, US, UK, Australia, Canada etc. We are planning to expand our production facility.We are going to release our movie Mr Love & Miss Lovely "The Battle of Mahabharat" and 2D movie' Lal Chimpu' is in pre-production stage.
    Internship gives a student the opportunity to learn while working on a live project that serves him time he would have otherwise wasted learning from scratch had he once entered the industry.
    Bringing in higher oppurtunities for students, our intensive internship program is compulsory and highly productive.
    Diploma in 3D Animation
    Basic methods of Drawing, Stylization, Concept, Lifestudy, Perspective, Principal of animation, Modelling, Texturing (Photoshop, Bodypaint, Matte painting), Lighting & Rendering, Rigging, Animation, Final project.
    Duration: 1 Year
    Advanced Diploma in Multimedia & Animation
    Basic methods of Drawing, Stylization Concept, Life study, Perspective, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Coral Draw, Color theory, Adobe Premiere, Principal of animation, Modelling, Texturing (Photoshop, Bodypanit, Matte..
    Duration: 18 Months
    Combustion, Digital Fusion, Shake, Work interface & work area, Masking, Roto shape Masking, Painting & wire removals, keying, Tracking, 2d & 3d compositing, Rendering and outputs.
    Duration: 8 Months
    Advanced VFX
    Combustion, Digital Fusion,Shake, Work interface & work area, Masking, Roto shape Masking, Painting & wire removals, keying, Tracking, 2d & 3d compositing, Maya dynamics, Real flow, Blast code, Boujou, After..
    Duration: 1 Year
    Individual Film-making
    History of Indian cinema, Concept & story telling, Introduction to 2d, 3d, & VFX, cinematography, Advance Editing, Story boarding, Screenplay & Dialogue writing, Final Project. a)Documentary (5mins- 10mins)...
    Duration: 2 Years
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    Animoon India
    Location: House 203 , Esteem House, pangutta,, hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
    Contact No: 040-65740850
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