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Analytics is....
A process of obtaining optimal decision based on data and logic. It is the science and art of reading stories hidden in numbers. These empower consumers and businesses in making intelligent and better decisions.
  • Analytics is applicable in every walk of life.
  • Decision to buy a car or flat
  • Quarterly or yearly revenue forecasts
  • Customer profiling before a product launch
  • Used across verticals ranging from retail and financial services to clinical research and data management
  • Analytics is about studying data using statistical analysis in order to arrive at a conclusion and understand the rhythm of the pattern with an eye to predict and improve business performance.
  • Analytics has evolved with the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, warehouses, and a wide variety of other hardware and software tools and applications. However, it would be erroneous to limit analytics to only statistics and mathematics.
  • Knowledge of analytics provides a significant source of competitive advantage for professionals in all industries and functions .
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    All organizations strive :-
  • To get more profitable customers??
  • To reduce customer attrition??
  • To identify better products which resonate with the market??
  • Improve efficiencies across the supply chain?? and many more.....
  • Better Strategy & Execution is required for analyzing data.
  • Better Analysis leads to better insight.
  • Better insight results in Better action .
  • Better action results in better growth .
  • So do you want to depend only on hardwork and luck.......
  • OR
    Get Predictiable success .... through Insight driven on solid analysis and thought.
    SWITCH ON!!!
All leading corporations today have a core data analytics team

Analytical skills a must have among business professionals

BI / Analytics Forming almost 10% of leading IT companies revenues and also is one of the fastest growing verticals.

Analytical algorithms are driving strategy and execution across all major departments like finance ,marketing , supply chains / operations , human resources , sales.
Redwood Associates & ATI :
Redwood Associates (C) and it’s group company Analytics Training Institute create programs and products which build analytical thinking and analytics usage for business and individuals .

ATI has trained thousands of professionals and freshers in analytical skills and also works with a large number of corporates in building their officers analytical skills .

Redwood is a the parent organization and works with a large number of leading companies in developing analytics strategies and also develops analytics driven decisioning products . All ATI faculty work on cutting edge product development work and projects through Redwood Associates
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Analytics Tools :-
  • SAS +
  • Excel +
  • R +
  • MS Access
  • SQL
Analytics Techniques & Applications :-
  • Analytics +
  • Strategic Marketing Analytics
  • Excel in Financial Modeling
  • Human Resource Analytics
Courses are also customized on request as per exact organization requirements