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Warwick University - UK

Welcome to Warwick University - UK

About The University Warwick :

Warwick is one of the UK’s leading universities, with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, for innovation, and for links with business and industry

Warwick University is located in the heart of England, adjacent to the city of Coventry - 3 miles (5 kilometres) from the city centre - and on the border with Warwickshire. The University of Warwick is justifiably proud of the environment within which it is set - this is a great place to live, work, research and study.

Warwick University is committed to environmental sustainability, and transport and travel to, from and around the University campus has a large role to play in this.

Warwick is a campus university with the main site being Central Campus and two smaller campuses, Westwood and Gibbet Hill within walking distance. The entrances to Gibbet Hill campus and the Central Campus are in Gibbet Hill Road, whilst the entrance to the Westwood site is in Kirby Corner Road.

Schools And Colleges :

Warwick Medical School : We are a leading UK provider of graduate entry medicine

We make a significant national and international contribution to education and research in health
Our Reputation

* Part of one of the UK’s top ten universities
* The largest graduate entry-only medical school in the UK
* Ranked in the top ten UK medical schools for the quality of our health services research
* Acknowledged excellence in teaching and research
* Academics at the cutting edge of their field, producing internationally recognised research

Warwick's School of Engineering :  is one of the leading Engineering Schools in the UK. Warwick is one of the few universities which has a unified School of Engineering covering, and wherever possible integrating, most branches of Engineering. It is large, thriving, well-equipped and active in many fields of teaching and research.

The School of Engineering has a strong research profile and achieved a GPA of 2.85 in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, with over 70% of its work graded as internationally excellent. The School has over 50 academic and teaching staff who are each associated with one of six major Research Groups or a teaching development group.

Warwick Business School :
Warwick Business School is a leading thought-developer and innovator, in the top one per cent of global business schools.
Masters students in the classroomWarwick Business School is a leading thought-developer and innovator, in the top one per cent of global business schools.

WBS is the largest academic department of the University of Warwick. Our students come from 156 countries to learn at undergraduate, masters, MBA and PhD level. We nurture top business talent from Britain and abroad through executive education, and develop new knowledge to benefit business and society through our world-leading research.

Because we do research, we bring new knowledge to the classroom in a way that teaching colleges and commercial training companies cannot. Because we are part of a wider university, we can call upon expertise from a huge range of disciplines, and offer excellent campus facilities.