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Sheffield Hallam University - UK

Sheffield Hallam University - UK

Welcome to Sheffield Hallam University - UK

About Sheffield Hallam University :

Sheffield Hallam University is one of the UK's most progressive and innovative universities.

Sheffield Hallam University pride ourselves on making a difference - to our students, our staff and to the businesses we work with. Our research and business ideas, alongside our sought after graduates, contribute to the economic and social development of both our region and to the UK as a whole.

Sheffield Hallam University teaching is first-rate and is supported by our world-class applied research. Our students are a diverse group and benefit from a tailored approach that helps them to get the most from their studies. We offer top quality teaching and learning facilities and the ability to learn flexibly in a way that best suits their needs. For example, we are one of the UK's leading universities in e-learning and offer a range of distance learning and part time courses as well as the more traditional full time courses.  

Sheffield Hallam University
industry partners choose Sheffield Hallam because of our flexible, business led approach and our high quality research, facilities and students. Our partners include Sony, BP, NHS, Network Rail, Cisco, SAP and Microsoft.

We aim to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, whether you come here as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or as a business looking for an innovative partner.

The quality of our business expertise and applied research is valued by organisations across commerce, industry and the public sector. Our flexibility of approach enables us to tailor student learning plans and business solutions to the needs of individuals and organisations.

Sheffield Business School : Sheffield Business School is part of Sheffield Hallam University, one of the most progressive and innovative universities in the UK, in a city with a reputation for high quality manufacturing and a programme of regeneration that is laying firm foundations to become a digital, creative and cultural hub of the future.

Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences : We bridge the gap between the creative arts, applied sciences and engineering, by bringing together components of the design process and the practical application of communication and information.

We provide courses, research and services to business in the following subject areas

    * Business systems and IT
    * Communication, media and journalism
    * Computing
    * Engineering and technology
    * Mathematics and statistics

Engineering and technology :
The variety of courses we offer reflects the range of experience and facilities within the department. We enable you to develop your practical skills and theoretical understanding in a  professional environment.

The work of our two research institutes informs our teaching and both received the top award in the latest Research Assessment Exercise.
Our courses are designed in consultation with leading companies to ensure you develop the knowledge and skills required by industry. Work placements with companies such as Vauxhall, Airbus and Unilever allow you to apply your academic studies in a real world environment.