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MRSS India Ltd.

MRSS India Ltd.

Majestic Research Services and Solutions Ltd (MRSS India Ltd) is a leading digital marketresearch agency in India,relyingexhaustively on usage of technology for data acquisition fferingreliability,validityandfasterturnaround times to its clients. It is India\'s first and only listed Market Research Company and a member of MRSI and DIN (Digital Insight Network -Global). It &is the subsidiary of majestic Market. Research Support Services Limited, one of Asia\'s largest full service market research firms.MRSS is a member of ESOMAR, QRCA, MRA, tc and has its presence over 18 countries across Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

  Current Landscape for Market Research
  India is at a stage where competition exists in virtually all business verticals. There is still tremendous scope given that companies are growing rapidly as an economy, and it is activities like market research that can prove to be the differentiating point between one company and another. Clients today expect to get market research information not only quickly, but in a cost effective manner where they can pay less and obtain richer insight at the same time. MRSS India perfectly identifies this scenario and offers a suite of services that fit the clients’ needs.

The company has a wide range of offerings that includes Eye  Tracking,  Mobile  Analytics, Facial Decoding, Digital Tracking across formats, Online Communities,  Access panels, Neuroscience, Emotional  Analysis, Automated  Audience  Measurement, Sensory Sciences, Mystery shopping are some of the service we offer. All the solutions offered by the company have a digital flair to them.

As a company, MRSS is very agile and nimble in delivery and interaction with clients. All the Solutions offered by MRSS have a digital flair to them. The company has substantially more senior level involvement with their clients than any other market research agencies would.

MRSS has worked for most large blue chip companies both global and India.
For instance they have worked with GMR, HPCL, the Times group, OMAXE, to name a few.

Organizational Culture and Employee Programs
The organization culture followed at MRSS is totally professional, learning skewed and customer focused. The company believes in building leaders who exhibit these traits. The company constantly strives to innovate in the area of research design and pre-empting / solving problems. MRSS encourages innovation by having a totally open culture and minimal levels in their organization.

Go-to-market Plans
MRSS have internal go to markets for various digital services that it offers. The company presentlyis focusing on marketing these products and services in India, although there are considerable enquiries that it receives from clients abroad.

Universal GmbH awards ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate to MRSS

Universal GmbH (UNICERT) has certified MRSS, a leading digital market research company to DIN EN ISO 9001-2008 for successful application of quality management throughout its entire Organization.

MRSS has based its processes on ISO 9001  2008, the most important International quality Standard of all  for 3 years from now, emphasizing the intense quality focus of its operations. UNICERT performed a comprehensive programme  of audits at  MRSS in February.Mr. Raj Sharma, Chairman, MRSS INDIA Ltd. said “We are proud to hold the ISO 9001 2008 certification. It is a testament to our relentless commitment to the highest quality of service deliverintoourclients”.

About MRSS India Ltd.

MRSS INDIA relies exhaustively on usage of technology for data acquisition offering reliability, validity and faster turnaround times to its clients. The company has wide range of offerings such as Eye  Tracking,  Mobile  Analytics, Video  Analysis,  Facial  Recognition,  Digital  T racking,  Online Communities,  Neuroscience, Emotional  Analysis,  Automated  Audience  Measurement,  Sensory Sciences, etc. It is India's 1 st and only listed Market Research Company, also a member of MRSI and DIN (Digital Insight Network - Global). It is the subsidiary of Majestic Market Research Support Serv ices Limited, One of Asia’s largest full serv ice market research firm. MMRSS is a member of ESOMAR, QRCA, MRA, etc. with presence in 1 8 countries across Middle East and Asia Pacific region.
Fo r Investor Relations:
T el: +91-0 22 -265 27276
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Quick Facts
Founding year: 2012
Headquarter:   Mumbai
Key management person:Raj Sharma, Chairman & Sarang Panchal, Managing Director
Office locations: Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore
Company strength:  35