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With the combined expertise of researchers, analysts and consultants, the company provides high quality, precise, unbiased and transparent industry insight precision with innovation and strategy, digitGaps research and consulting solutions ensure their clients stay at the forefront of their markets by integrating accurate market dynamics, analysis and forecasts on the latest trends and developments.

digitGaps industry experts help clients identify opportunities from emerging trends, understand how to generate the maximum return from their markets, and devise strategies for growth with confidence.
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Aid of Technology

36 percent of the clients mentioned that the biggest challenge they see is the introduction and implementation of new technologies applied in market research.The biggest issues relevant to technologies were:

1.  Bigdata

a. Big data has become a buzz word and every client wants market researchers to do something   with it. However,many market researchers are beginning to perceive that no one really knows how to best handle big data

b. Big question: Does big data actually gather a better, more comprehensive picture of who the consumer is? Or is it just one more data point that causes confusion?

2.  Mobile technologies
a. Computer-delivered surveys and data collection methodologies are on the way out. They are clunky and static.

b. Tomorrow's research design involves mobile, dynamic methods for data collection that gather real-time,in situ information

Differentiating Factors

digitGaps is a new generation market research company backed up with innovative and technology based researchers and tools. The company's research standards are as per the guidelines set aside by American Marketing Association (AMA), European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA), Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA).

digitGaps'proprietary B2B and B2C panel ensures that all primary intelligence coming from trusted source is genuine, reliable and unbiased data. All primary intelligence is accompanied by paid data sources which help researchers, analysts and consultants to assist their clients with actionable business insights.

Quick Facts

Founding members:  Md Sadique Akhter, Rajashree Mahavir Dongare

Office locations:  US: 2443 Fillmore St #380-2929, San Francisco, California 94115, United States, P: +1 (415) 799-9942

UK: Unit 11852, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US, United Kingdom, P: +44 (0)20 3289 9424

India: 815 (B), Jaswanti Allied Business Center, Ramchandra Lane, Kanchpada, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400064, India, P: +91 99209 28972


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