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24 February 2012:


Elitecore Technologies, leading provider of OSS/BSS solutions, announced the release of NetVertex 6.2 Policy Manager. The solution captures 2-sided growth opportunities for service providers through its in-built capability to Identify & manage QoS, Subscriptions, usage & CDR enrichment for Partners that wish to interact with the telco user base such as: OTT providers, content providers, Application providers , device-makers, event organizers and more.

The solution aims to fix existing broken OTT video value chain by raising the bar on consumer expectations for personalized, on-demand content on multiple devices. According to an Elitecore sample survey done with 1000 Smartphone & Tablet users, 22% of users are very willing to pay extra for improved QoE with 32% tablet users showing preference for full-length TV episodes or feature movies.

Dhaval Vora, VP, Product Management and Solutions, Elitecore says, “We are bringing NetVertex 6.2 in response to the crucial role played by the Policy Manager in enabling 2-sided business opportunities such as the Telco 2.0 model. A win-win for all stakeholders in the mobile value chain: the operator generates additional revenues while reducing subscriber churn and creating differentiation, the partner gets instant access to large customer base with reduced time-to-delivery and the end user enjoys reliable, high quality viewing experience on their smart device.”


NetVertex 6.2 supports several innovative partner use cases such as:-

Sponsored Promotion in HD – eg- Exclusive Movie promotions in HD for enthusiastic IPAD/ tablet users, with 15 mins free promo. Movie production house pays operator for Fermium service (Promo) and thereafter revenue sharing based on video subscriptions.

Advertisers Model- eg OTT providers may offer its digital advertisers segmented promotions in HD for particular time ( Festive time) or day or Promotion of a new Season of series etc.

Media & Retailers Model- eg- LIVE events HD Streaming in Partnership with event organizers to increase viewership. Operators notify subscribers over SMS & Email. Subscribers can easily sign up and view the event from Service Selection Portal. The event organizer pays the operator based on number of subscriptions.

NetVertex is available as a standalone policy manager or pre- integrated with Elitecore's Billing & revenue management suite for platform-based approach to policy. The portfolio integrates with the Service Selection Portal, for Subscriber initiated services. 

To know more about NetVertex, click here

About Elitecore Technologies

Elitecore Technologies is the Carlyle Group investee global IT Product Company with a focus on fast growing Telecommunication, Networks and Security markets.  Elitecore was recently recognized by Infonetics research for its Platform approach to Policy Management as a strategic fit for 4G operators. With its integrated BSS and Subscriber Management platform, it aims at enabling mobile broadband operators fathom a unified view of a subscriber from across domains while providing them with drastically simplified operational lever to configure, manage and monitor network and subscriber activities. 

Packed with cohesively working Billing, Charging, Policy and Subscriber Management capabilities, all tied to a single centralized database, the integrated platform offering helps operators to realize a bigger and better picture for subscriber monetization by enabling them to apply subscriber’s real-time session & other profile related information into a more profitable / arresting network level action.