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eInfochips offers lifecycle solutions for native apps, hybrid apps and web apps, for commercial and enterprise deployments - on Android*, iOS* and QNX* (BlackBerry) platforms.
Having contributed to apps for multiple platforms – Smartphones and Tablets, In-Flight Entertainment Systems, eCommerce Platforms, Home Automation Systems and other such devices. eInfochips apps have over 500K downloads from various sources. For Consumer Devices, eInfochips has recently been recognized by Zinnov – A Global Management Consulting Firm – as ‘capable of delivering complete product development as an engineering partner, with multiple reusable IPs and alliances with Industry leaders.’

Key Executive

Pratul Shroff, Founder & CEO

Pratul has steered eInfochips to being a top-notch Product Engineering Services Company. Today, eInfochips employs 1000+ professionals across 10 design centres, catering to key industries like Aerospace and Defense, Security and Surveillance, Semiconductor, Consumer Devices, Medical Devices, Retail and Software Products.


Two common pitfalls that most companies face with mobile apps are:

(1) Identify a partner for app development, not for strategy and roadmap
The software architecture should be flexible to accommodate the product roadmap, and should be modular to accommodate the OS API changes as well. While these factors do not play a major role in the short term for the application, it could cause major complications later in the lifecycle.

(2) Develop apps as a one-time effort
Developing a mobile app is probably the easiest part of the cycle. The real challenge begins after the application is developed, tested and released.

The application is required to be compatible (and backward compatible!) with literally hundreds of device-OS combinations. Having 3 major releases leads to 1000+ QA and Release Management cycles every year!

The Solution

The key is to choose a strategic, long-term partner that has the scalability experience to grow with the application variants, the best automation toolsets with the expertise and experience to manage the complexity.
eInfochipsdelivers to an app strategy, encompassing interactionsvia web applications, mobile applications, or applications on custom devices.
The company has a portfolio of mature IPs that have been deployed for multiple billion-dollar product companies. eInfochips‘Managed QA’ solution ensures defect-free and fully functional releases – as users enjoy a seamless and consistent experience across transitions, irrespective of the devices they use.eInfochips also engages on an innovative ‘Outcome-based’ model to align with the client’s business objectives.

• Mature, strategic engagements with long-term vision for the apps
• Automation and QA Management IPs for Android and iOS apps
• Extensive experience in enabling mobility, from strategy to deployments
• ‘Outcome-based’ engagements for business alignment

Founded: 1994

Employees: 1000+

Clientele: 7 Fortune75 Clients and 30+ companies with revenues > $ 1 Billion

Investors: Privately Funded

Website: www.einfochips.com

US Offices: Sunnyvale, Raleigh, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Austin, Dallas, Cedar Rapids

India Offices: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Pune

Other Offices: Toronto (Canada), London (UK), Tokyo (Japan)