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About us
Walz is a software, technology and outsourcing platform that enables clients in various industries to communicate with their counterparties (such as borrowers, attorneys, taxpayers, customers, etc.) according to the compliance requirements mandated by regulation. Companies across various industries such as financial services, mortgage servicing, government agencies, legal and foreclosure firms, court systems, insurance companies, healthcare and pharmaceutical firms send their critical documents usingWalz technology. It is the nation's leader inmanaging critical communications between organizations and their customers and constituents.

Walz's innovative businessmodel and world-class solutions have been recognized by several leading publications and organizations
WALZ's patented technology has enabled over 300 million Critical Communication transactions over the last 20 years, accounting for almost 10 percent of all USPS® Certified Mail™ transactions.

More than 2,500 companies, including 34 of the Fortune 100 utilize the services of the Walz Group to manage their documents. The company ensures that its customers receive an outstanding experience. The mission of the company lies in evolving over a period of time to higher-value added services for Critical Document Management. Walz has developed industry-leading Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technology for Critical Communications, that ensure compliance with regulations across all 50 jurisdictions in the United States.
Rod and Jeri Walz
Mohan Tavorath
Mohan Tavorath is Chief Executive Officer of the Walz Group. Mohan has spent the last twenty years in executive and management positions at Fortune 100 corporations, premier Big 4 consulting firms and innovative and entrepreneurial startups in North America and Asia. Prior to Walz, Mohan served as Director of Business Strategy and Technology Architecture atMetLife. Prior to that,Mohan spent four years with KPMG Consulting's business technology practice, where he was the Chief Technology Architect of a Fortune 10 Financial Services national account team. Mohan graduated with a Master's degree in Business Administration from Columbia University in New York and and holds Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science from the University of Poona
San Diego (CA), Brooklyn (NY), Temecula (CA) , Phoenix (AZ)
The clientele of the company stretches to 3,000 companies across U.S. including 35 of the Fortune 100, 18 of the Top 25 Mortgage Servicers and over 60 leading trustees and foreclosure attorney firms.
Walz is a privately-held company with controlling interests held by the founding partners and a minority investment from a boutique private equity firm.
Wolters Kluwer ,Thompson Reuters, Lexis Nexis,Doc Magix, RR Donnelley, Pitney Bowes.
Walz delivers its solutions in three different delivery models which are:

Outsourcing: This service is provided to companies that want a "full lifecycle " Critical Document Management technology solution from template creation, through fulfillment and back end returns management.

InHouse: Organizations that want to leverage in-house or third-party fulfillment capabilities but seek to benefit from Walz's web-based tools to manage the approval, management, and tracking of documents that require USPS® Certified Mail™ and other "proof of mailing" requirements
On Demand /SaaS: This allows clients to centrally manage their critical communications and compliance templates from an integrated dashboard and dynamically select where they have critical documents fulfilled
Their revenue model comprises of compliance subscriptions, SaaS Fees and Transactional pricing.