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Trigent Software

Trigent Software
About us
Trigent helps Fortune 500 enterprises and medium sized businesses leverage its technological expertise and global deliverymodel to increase their revenue, enhance employee and customer relationships and be competitive in their markets. Our mission is to help customers overcome the limits of time, technology and budgets.

Founded in 1995, Trigent is a professional services company focused on outsourced software development services, delivered using its hybrid onshore and offshore operatingmodel.Our focus
areas are enterprise mobility, cloud development, Open Source and fostering Collaboration using Microsoft SharePoint.We are ISO 9001:2008 Tick IT certified.

The focus of our company is to help our customers overcome their limits of time, budgets and technology. We help them work faster and overcome technology challenges, with our innovative services and solutions. We partner with them to help them achieve business goals with tighter budgets.Ourmarkets include Financial Services and Insurance, Software ISV's, Healthcare, ecommerce and Education.
Bharat Khatau
Bharat Khatau
President and CEO
Bharat has contributed or developed more than 100 software products in the market for small and large clients, and also developed patented products in the semantic internet space. Prior to Trigent, he was the co-founder and CEO of Better Software Technology, developing software products for the high volume PC software market. Since 1982, he ran an IT and engineering consulting company ; Covid Systems providing specialized factory automation services to large and small companies, such as DataGeneral, SpecTran, Proteon, Champion Spark Plugs, Thinking Machines, Compaq Computers, Levolor, etc. Before that, he worked at GTE Laboratories (now Verizon) and for a specialty high performance computer company.

Bharat holds MS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and B. Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology.
Navistar , Clarks, Honeywell, Logica etc.
Founder , Banks, Private investors.
HCL, Sonata,Mindtree, Lionbridge.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Open Source QA and Testing
  • Collaboration and Productivity - Microsoft SharePoint services
  • Enterprise mobile development
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Enterprise ADM
  • 90 percent repeat business.
  • Ability to provide flexible developmentmodels, including Agile
  • Ability to build high productivity teams and manage challenges like attrition well
Our domain expertise is manufacturing, financial services, education and supply chain/logistics
Offshore Dedicated Development Center, Hybrid Onsite-Offshore Delivery Centers, Fixed Bid and Time and Material Models.
We will enable customers to derive value fromdisruptive technologies like Big Data, SemanticWeb and Social Media.We also see a definite trend toward consumerization of IT,driven by exponential growth of smart handheld devices and enterprisemobility. We will invest in these areas and technologies to create value for our customers and help them be more competitive. We will continue to create IP and win patents in technolo- gies that we work in and use these technologies to provide enhanced value to our clients.

We are also looking at shortening of project lifecycles and delivering value early in the project lifecycle. Building Agile teams that quickly deliver tangible value to business users is key.We will work even more closely with the business users andnot just IT teams, delivering customers direct business benefits rather than just augment tech- nology resources or fill technology gaps.Further, our focus will be to reduce overall costs for customers by leveraging the power of cloud computing, SaaS and on-demand service delivery.