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About us
TrepUp operates a business network on the Internet focused on connecti ng businesses and people. The company's platf orm enables members to create, manage and share their business identi ty, build and engage with their network, access shared knowledge and insights, and fi nd and exchange opportuniti es. With its innovati ve tools and uti liti es, the platf orm aims to accelerate entrepreneurship and bridge the massive resource gap between big and small, rich and poor, creati ng a more level playing fi eld for everyone. The result empowers an ever-greater diversity of communiti es and people to build businesses, increases the speed of innovati on and producti vity, and creates new growth opportuniti es and jobs across the globe. TrepUp was founded by John Verbic, who, along with Rahul Dhingra, developed the fi rst concept beta for TrepUp.
John Verbic, Founder & CEO of TrepUp, is an immigrant in India: he moved from the United States in 2007. After University of Chicago, business school at Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Management) and a certi fi ed public accounting degree, followed by 15 years of private equity and venture fi nance in New York City for Bessemer, ING, and the Chatt erjee Group, John left New York for Mumbai in order to take a chance on an uncertain future. He's credited with building TrepUp, a global product out of India, with over 200,000 registered businesses on its platf orm and a reach of more than 50 countries. John's goal, along with the TrepUp team, is to change the world of business – to revoluti onalize interacti ons and create a more level fi eld for all businesses, no matt er the size, industry or locati on.
TrepUp off ers free sign up for immediate use of its visual interface: a design system that is superior to plain text in increasing awareness and engagement. The website's customizable blog and unique sharing features provide news and updates that are current and relevant. Businesses have the ability to showcase products and services. Filters for job and business opportuniti es, and events off er additi onal ways to keep members informed and engaged. The integrati on of visual, locati on, link and fi le tools help to increase understanding and message retenti on. An advanced and detailed search with business-specifi c criteria and tags ensures that members appear in searches on TrepUp, and on prominent search-engines.

An all-in-one platf orm, TrepUp off ers comprehensive and fl exible soluti ons. Individuals and the objects of business – such as customers, employees, vendors, partners, opportuniti es and informati on – are globally mapped and algorithmic approaches are used to focus att enti on on changes that are deemed relevant. The outcome is that businesses and people around the world can:

  • share and exchange easily
  • discover new opportuniti es
  • collaborate for business growth
  • bring ideas to market earlier
When our mission--to make it easy for businesses and people to interact became obvious, our name took form. became obvious, our name took form. We blended
two words, "entrepreneur" and "startup", and their definitions to coin the name TrepUp: the outcome of open communicati on and exchange between two interdependent groups that "together" have the power to reinvent markets and alter the way we experience our world. TrepUp celebrates, inspires and accelerates the freedom to create global ecosystems that drive the progress of individuals and highimpact businesses.
We believe that when the creati veintelligence of individuals is organized and brought in contact with business capabilities, there is explosive growth in society. An open environment for interacti on and exchange between businesses and people creates a massive opportunity reservoir that transcends borders, and enables transformati ve innovati ons to fi nd markets faster.
In 2014, TrepUp will begin release of several select high-value, intelligent tools for users. First up is an email marketi ng system to help users execute direct and database marketing initi ati ves. Next up, is real-ti me search with locati on awareness and the creati on of searchable directories of products, services and opportuniti es. Also coming is TrepUp mobile. As part of its mobile plan, TrepUp will create a tool kit for developers to connect apps across the Android and iOS operating systems.
Angel round with U.S.
investors - April 2013
OFFICES: Technology: 205 Cosmos Plaza, JP Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053, India. Marketing and Communications: 91 Spring Board, Plot No. 23, Sector - 18, Opp. VLCC, Maruti Industrial Area, Gurgaon - 122008, India.