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About us
STAG Software is a test engineering company offering boutique solutions that focus on test acceleration, asset leverage for cost optimization, quality enhancement, test effectiveness assessment, early stage quality injection and deployment risk reduction. Apart from standard test services offerings, STAG offers some unique solutions such as Unit test assessment, release worthiness assessment, people competency assessment (in testing), custom tooling for test bench, Requirements & Architecture validation, specialized test training, and more. Having pioneered a unique scientific
methodology (HBT) that can be used in testing irrespective of the domain or technology, STAG has successfully conducted around 350 cycles of various types of test in 170+ projects in the areas of enterprise applications, embedded software and Test Automation. STAG’s education division has training over 5000 engineers and conducted over 200 workshops.
Bangalore, Chennai & Japan.
T. Ashok, Founder & CEO
T. Ashok spearheads the operations of  STAG and has 18+ years of working experience. Earlier he setup and managed global test group at VeriFone. Quite active in test engineering community, he has given 10+ lectures in test forums, and presented about 10 tutorials/papers in International / National conferences. He is highly passionate about software test engineering and devotes time in his lab pursuing his interests in software patterns, test design, test automation, object technology, process engineering and measurement. Ashok has been presented with the Thought Leadership award for his contribution to the testing community at the Test2008 international conference. He has an MS in Computer Science (IIT Chicago) and is a B.E. (Electronics and Communication) Anna University, CSQE (ASQC).
Over 100 customers across verticals like Avionics, BFSI, Consumer electronics, eLearning, E-commerce, ERP, Healthcare, Logistics, Mobile/Wireless & CDMA, Realty, Semiconductor, Shipping, popular web portals and more. Some clients include MindTeck, OrtivaWireless, Unisys (Japan), Sasken, and GXS.
Independent Validation Service providers and test consulting companies.
Self Funded
STAG offers solutions for software producers and consumers to address QA challenges at People, Process and Product levels and this includes solutions and services like test assessments, validation suites, release worthiness assessment, people competency assessment, test-case re-engineering, custom tooling for test bench, requirements validation and architecture validations.

STAG also works with organizations to deploy HBT. This involves engaging with across the different levels to restructure the entire approach of testing.

The Clean Soft Academy, a education division of  STAG, works to close the gap between Industry requirements and available pool of skills. An independent charter, it focuses on creating innovative learning materials, conduct trainings / workshops and organize lectures / conferences to promote the ‘formal body of test knowledge’. STAG has also developed the ‘HBT toolkit’ – a coach for a test professional and provides ‘guidance’ to test the HBT way.
2003:- Founded QAInfo Tech with a vision to provide unbiased QA & Testing solutions
STAG essentially is a ‘methods’ company whose core foundation lies in the fact that it develops methodologies/concepts that can be used in testing
irrespective of the domain or technology. This is the fundamental difference between STAG and other independent testing vendors

Over the years  STAG has been working to get testing a ‘business-value-adder’ status. This is possible as a result of  HBT which has contributed to business by significantly lowering defects escapes (up to 10x lower), increasing test coverage (at least 3x), returning better RoI on automation, lowering support costs (by 30 percent) with no increase in effort, time or costs.
• 2000: Founded
• 2004: Launched STEM1.0
• 2005: Foray into Enterprise Business Application, Embedded and Telecom and Testautomation. New businesses include Test Engineering Solutions & Services, Consulting and Knowledge Services
• 2006: Partnership with IV Square, Japan
• 2007: Launched STEM2.0
• 2008: ISO9001:2008 certified by TüVNORD. TAshok, CEO & Founder of  STAG awarded the Thought Leadership Award at the Test 2008 conference at Delhi. STEM™ published in Unisys Technology Review, a very highly regarded journal in Japan.
• 2009: Recognized as one of the top ten independent software validation companies in India. Partnership with Epicentre, UK
• 2010: 10th anniversary
• 2011:  Set the foundation for HBT 2.0