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About us
Smartsoft is a 11 year old software development company providing 100% customized Software Solutions for direct selling Industry in India & abroad. As a matter of policy and strong belief, we had been providing software solutions purely to the direct selling industry from day one, as we have seen the future and the real power of this industry.
The Motto behind this policy is to gain knowledge, as well as making our stand strong & stable in the industry. As a matter of fact we have done it and proudly claim to be the Pioneers in direct selling softwares .
Sunil Bhatia
October 2000
Secunderabad (Hyderabad)
Kishore Varma MD& CEO
SmartSoft is the only direct selling software solutions provider in India which works exclusively for Direct Selling Industry, develops software for all kinds of Direct Selling plan, with wide variety of options & features for any kind of compensation systems, having 400+ clientele across India & abroad.
The Company has only 3 Directors or stake holders as such.
We deliver perfect solutions to all kinds of Direct selling and Network Marketing concepts with multiple & advanced features that are in Demand as well as in trends. We are unique, and hence have no competitors as such.
Product Offerings :
In this highly competitive world, the industry demands new concepts and trends time and again. Added to this, the post delivery demands are always high and many a times is a day to day affair. We have made ourselves compatible enough to meet this kind of challenges and had been successful. Thanks to our ever dedicated team of hardcore professionals in for the software development & support service activities
What Next?
Looking forward to invite business partners from the various parts of the world for global presence.
We had been giving fully customized solutions to all our esteemed clients, which no one else had done so far. Some companies which are doing good business in the industry, but are failing to meet the industry demands due to lack of proper software solutions and are also facing like hang up situations, interrupted services, inaccurate calculations etc. We had accepted the challenge and had provided them with a proper and perfect software solutions. This is being proved again & again with many success stories to our list.
Revenue Model:
Revenues are sincerely only on the basis of work volumes & scaling of the services rendered. The secured with us for years together are making revenues stable & smooth riding.
Time Line:
For any size of project , We require 3 – 6 weeks of delivery time( First phase) and it depends on the modules & logics involved.