About us
Skava is a leading provider of mobile-commerce solutions to retailers. The SkavaONE™"Omni-Commerce" platform allows retailers to create mobile websites and apps, tablet websites and apps, interactive digital catalogs, in-store kiosk and large format display applications, and social commerce offerings from one integrated platform. The SkavaONE™platformworks along with the retailer's existing e-Commerce platform and helps the retailer extend the online shopping experience to all these other customer "touchpoints."
Skava has 20percent of the Top 30 online retailers amongst its customers and is recognized in the industry as providing a very flexible and advanced platform which is able to adapt to the most complex e-commerce requirements and able to connect with consumers on multiple devices and form factors. Skava also provides custom design services to its customers, helping them create cutting edge and unique mobile shopping experiences, such as the recently launched mobile website by Toys 'R Us.
Arish Ali
Sudha Varadarajan
Sudha Varadarajan
Co-founder and CTO
An MBA graduate from Harvard Business School and ex-Microsoft employee, Sudha came to the BayArea in the early 2000's to work for one of the first mobile app companies. She subsequently founded her own mobile software company with the vision of developingmulti-playermobile games back in 2003 – long before there was an iPhone and most people thought of a phone solely as a device to make phone calls and send text messages. When smartphones began to take the world by storm in 2007 and retailers and brands struggled to determine whether or not to build optimized mobile websites or apps, she saw the need for a platform which could help address this pain point. In 2008 when smartphones become increasingly popular, she re-launched her mobile platform optimized specifically for retailers to help them conquer this new medium. Sudha is passionate about revolutionizing the digital shopping experience – not just in terms of creating the best of breedmobile and tablet experiences for the online world, but also helping retailers innovate in their brick and mortar stores as well.
San Francisco, Chicago, London, Coimbatore
Skava works with over 20 percent of the Top 30 online retailers in the US including Staples, Macys, Gap, Bloomingdales, Sears, Kohls, Toys R Us. It has recently opened its European office to offer its platform and service to the European retailers.
Usablenet, Branding Brand, Digby,
SkavaONE™-Mobile and Tablet Commerce platform SkavaSTREAM™-RetailEnterprise Integration andAPIDevelopment Platform SkavaCATALOG™ - Platform for creating interactive multi-channel digital catalogs fromprint catalogs
Skava is seeing a huge demand for tablet and in-store technologies. In 2013 Skava will continue to expand across American retailers as well as expanding its European operations.
The Skava platform is very flexible and robust and is able to respond quickly to any new "touchpoint" technology that comes onto the market. Some of the biggest names in retail work with Skava because of the flexible platform, experience with complex e-commerce setups and rapid execution capabilities. The Skava platform supports unique and customize shopping experiences, instead of creating "cookie-cutter" sites. It offers our own design services or can implement retailer's own customdesigns, helping retailers create a best of breed and brand-specific shopping experience.
Mobile, Web,Apps: With the explosive growth in mobile traffic, many retailers are now realizing the shortcomings of one-size fits all mobile commerce platforms and are looking for solutions that are more long term and can adapt and grow with their requirements. Instead of "cookie-cutter" template based mobile websites, retailers now want customized, feature-rich mobile websites that truly reflect their brand. We develop feature-rich mobile websites that truly reflect the customer's brand.

The Skava team has been developing mobile apps since 2003 and has deep experience in creating rich native applications on a wide range of mobile platforms, including:

• iOS
•Wipi Java and DoJa
• Android
• J2ME
•Windows Phone 7