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Sashakta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sashakta Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
About us
Sashakta is a technology, innovation, idea and practical expertise driven organization delivering Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing Services, Products and Solutions. Sashakta's unique offerings, incomparable experience, multifaceted efficacy, industry knowledge, thorough research for every problem and focus on understanding and resolving the pain areas of clients helps it to be a trusted solution and service partner of companies. Sashakta's well designed innovative products and solutions leverages cutting edge technologies and incorporates best business practices to help and strengthen its customers to attain their business goals, real results and growth in efficient, effective and smoother way. Sashakta's ongoing domain & technology innovations protect customers from the uncertainties of future and keep them on the track of latest technologies with simultaneous pace. Sashakta's One stop - End to End Multi Facet Multi dimensional services & solutions ensure clients incremental business benefits, flexibility and scalability in line with their business plans, smooth and successful transiti ons on the success path; delivering their vision and continuing rapid growth. This is Sashakta's commitment towards the incessant partnership with its customers.
KEY PERSON:Kailash rathi, Founder and Ceo:
Kailash, a young and high energeticperson, has over 12 years of rich experience in Technology, Consulting, Outsourcing, Business Management & Financial Services and Solutions. He believes to "Make things happen' and to be 'Rain maker'. He possesses the rare unmatched blend of expertise in Innovations, Multi dimensional domains' and industries' functions, processes, and the Technologies; and has creative and dynamic vision for Future proof solutions and Sustainability. He specializes in Idea Sparking, Business Strategies, Evaluation, Implementation, Execution and Sustainability. He is expert in Innovating, Architecting and Reengineering Business processes and Complex solutions for varied industries and businesses.  He also operates own NGO and possess excellent knowledge of Social issues, Welfare needs, Environmental needs, Socio-Economic Projects & creati ng public awareness for same. It enables him to integrate this 3rd dimension in business solutions.
Kailash rathi
Founder and CEO
Kailash Rathi
Technology: Proprietary niche and specialized products and solutions, SAP & Microsoft Solutions Implementation & Support, Complex Web Applications, Interactive Portals, Supply Chain Management Solutions, Traceability and Identity Management Solutions,E-Governance Solutions, Custom Applications Development, Adobe Interactive Forms Solutions, E-Commerce & M-Commerce Solutions, Unified Communication Management Solutions

Outsoucring: Business Process Management (BPM/BPO) – Voice (Call Center) and Non-Voice (Processes Outsourcing), Technology
Transfer/Support Services, Knowledge Management & Outsourcing

Consulting: Strategic, Sustainability, Business Process Re-engineering, Start-up Business, Business and Management Consulting

Education: SAP Authorized Educati on/Trainings, Rural Education
Products under Development
DLS: First of its kind End to End Digital Library System
EMS eLabs: An integrated Enterprise Management System
HSMS: A World Class Housing and Social Management System with many niche features
Jaipur, Mumbai
Products & Services
  • Client Value Creation and Delight
  • Open Environment
  • Stewardship
  • Trust
  • Respect for Individual
  • Integrity
  • Industry Insight
  • Customer Focus
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Future Proof Quality

  • Management Involvement and Focus
  • Enhanced ROI & Delight to the Clients
  • Innovati on & Niche Ideas
  • Industries' Expertise, Insights and Alignment
  • Value Creation and Additi ons
  • Scalability & Flexibility - Domain and Technology Perspective. Future Proof Solutions
  • Incessant Expertise - Possess excellent industry & functional expertise, but are always learning to maintain its Expertise
  • Strategic Partners (Not just Service Providers)
  • Under One Roof Multi Faceted E2E Solutions
  • Sync - With client's Culture and understand it's Vision
  • Center of Excellence - For various domains and technologies
  • End to End Future Proof Systems and Solutions
  • Enterprise Content, Documents & Digital Assets
  • Business Processes Automation
  • Sales & Distributi on – Real Time & Effi ciency
  • Demand and Collecti on Management Issues
  • Online Commerce (B2B. B2C, B2D)
  • Complex and advanced web solution requirements
  • Value and Supply Chain Management
  • Human Capital Dynamic Assessment with Self servicing
  • Business & Customer Communication & Services
ECM: A New Generati on Powerful Enterprise Content and Document Management System with Integrated Business Process
Management,Digital Asset Management and Social Connector

DCES: Unique Off ering – A Technology and Outsourcing Integrated Distributi on Channel Enablement System (For S&D Channels'
- Enablement, Retainer-ship, Satisfaction, Efficiency, Effectiveness & Cost Reduction). Reduces Sales & Distribution cost to approx half.

UCMS: A Unified Communication Management System (For Business Communication, Customer Servicing, Sales & Marketing,
Call Center etc.)

eCOM: An Ultra Advanced Featured E-Commerce Platform (Includes B2B, B2C, B2D, Multi Store Multi Front Features and Reporting Engine)

mCOM: An Integrated M-Commerce Platform for Products Sales on Hand Phones

AVCM: First of its kind End to End Agriculture Value Chain Management System which manages Agriculture Process from Land Mgt. to Marketing.

HCMS: A Powerful Human Capital Mgt. & Assessment System (Incl. Goal Settings to Appraisals, KPIs Analysis, Career Planning, Need Analysis, Learning & Dev. Analysis, Talent Mgt. etc.)

CMS: An Ultra Powerful Web Content Management System with most advanced Dynamic Control Features

CRM: An Eff ecti ve and Effi cient Customer Relati onship Management
Licensing, Implementation and Services, SAAS based solutions – Subscriptions, Niche Social Solutions: Big Data Analytics
Some Innovative and Niche - First of Kind Products are under development and will be launched soon Upgrading some productson SAAS/Cloud offering
Access empowerment at: www.sashakta.com, solutions@sashakta.com, Board: +91-141-3960000