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The next-gen platform for consumer engagement
According to a study by research firm Juxt, there are 554.8 million mobile users in India, of which 23.8 million use Internet on their handset. Clearly it is a huge business opportunity for mobile technology companies.

The power of the mobile in the hands of the young has the potential to drive consumption, move communities, create new opinion and change behaviour in a hugely transformed and empowered world.

What is driving this huge mobile base?

• Low cost of device ownership
• Availability of increased bandwidth
• Launch of higher spectrum services
• Low cost of internet access
• Interface availability in native languages

NetProphets – driven through innovation
NetProphets Mobile is a business division within NetProphets Cyberworks. The company’s mission is to build value-added services and applications on all mobile platforms and devices. NetProphets is also committed to build innovative product applications for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.

Key Executive

Saurabh Rajpal
Chief Technology Officer

Saurabh brings along a wealth of experience in E-Commerce marketing and hands-on expertise in developing support
engines and software applications.

Saurabh helped develop the HR Recruitment and Voice Proficiency Tool for EXL Service and a host of other front end
and back-end applications for our clients. Saurabh is currently providing consultancy to Fabindia to develop India’s first retail software using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

Differentiating Factors
• Strong focus on design
• IP co creation
• Capabilities in Mobile, B2B, SaaS, Media, Social and Retail Web businesses
• Experienced consultants, best-in-class design and immaculate execution
• Ability to offer a full spectrum of consulting, graphic and user interface design, technology and management from one source.

Platform Expertise
• iOS
• Android
• Windows
• Blackberry
• Symbian

Revenue Model
Development services, consulting and partnerships.

Employee Count: 100

Founded: 2000

Offices: Noida (India)

Investors: Privately held.

Key Clientele
India: Fabindia, Bharti Airtel, Toshiba India, Genpact, Nextra Telecom.
International: Reckitt Benckiser (RB), Symantec, HP, BBC World UK, Serenity Insurance.

Recent apps developed by NetProphets

Mobile TV
The app helps create user engagement and loyalty towards an ISP’s broadband offering. Key features include media streaming of live content with a few-second latency and no ads. It is compatible with all/most handsets.

Sharable is a File Sharing platform developed and patented by NP, as a proprietary application. Key features include transferring files/ folders over WiFi or hotspot with zero bandwidth consumption. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac platforms.

Stretch HD
Stretch HD is an application developed for an Australian physiotherapist. The app carries learning videos of stretching exercises and is available for iPhones and Android phones.

Indians Awake
The app enables users to give out distress alarm to the ‘Indians Awake’ organization. Key features include shake to trigger alarm, voice command to trigger alarm, map integration and path generation and upload timed photos. It is available for Android phones and tablets.

Epilepsy Diagnosis Calculator
The app enables health workers to quickly diagnose epilepsy amongst patients. Its features include proprietary algorithm, quick and easy to use and server uploading/analytics. It is available for iPhones and Android phones.

Contact Information
Business & Media enquiries:
Dipesh Tiwari (dipesh@netprophetsglobal.com)
Technical enquiries:
Saurabh Rajpal (saurabh@netprophetsglobal.com)