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About Us
NIKSUN is the leader in making the unknown known. NIKSUN delivers the world’s most powerful network monitoring solutions to secure critical infrastructure, optimize service delivery, and reduce compliance risks. Based on highly scalable and modular technology – Alpine – designed specifically for large-scale network monitoring, NIKSUN is revolutionizing the network monitoring industry with its flagship products, NetDetector, NetVCR,
and NetOmni. With more than 1,000 enterprise customers in over 30 countries, NIKSUN is the only network - wide monitoring company that  provides organizations with the power to instantly Know the Unknown.
NIKSUN is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey and has sales offices and distribution partners throughout North America, Europe,
The Middle - East and
Asia - Pacific regions.
Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder, CEO and Chairman
Dr. Pruthi is widely recognized as the founding father of  packet  capture, stream to disk, bit  vacuum, and other similar  technologies. As one of the foremost experts in advanced cyber security  technologies, Dr. Pruthi advises on cyber defense strategies with some of  the highest levels of governments and enterprises around the world. He is a frequent speaker on cyber security issues, including keynotes to delegates from 28 NATO nations, agencies, and strategic commands at  the NATO Information  Assurance Symposium 2010 and 2011. He holds over 30 patents globally, has published over 50 industry papers and articles and is sought by various organizations to provide thought  leadership in cybersecurity and network control. Prior to founding NIKSUN, Dr. Pruthi was at Bellcore (Telecordia Technologies, now an Ericsson company) and other research institutions. Dr. Pruthi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of  Technology. He received his Doctorate in Telecommunications from The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
NIKSUN has more than 1,000 enterprise customers in over 30 countries including large multi-national companies, governments and intelligence agencies, service providers, and financial services companies.
NIKSUN is a profitable, debt-free, rapidly growing privately  held company and does not disclose investor information.
RSA, Cisco, Juniper, Symantec, CA and NetScout
NIKSUN products provide “eyes on the network”, with a unique combination of real-time analytics and forensic capabilities. Just like an array of ever-watchful security cameras, NIKSUN’s products view, record, and store everything that crosses into or out of a packet network. Public Internet  traffic or private intranet traffic, it doesn’t matter; NIKSUN devices monitor, record, index, and store all “data in motion.” By leveraging techniques and methodologies from various fields such as chaos theory, fractal analytics, data warehousing and data mining, NIKSUN has changed the way networks, applications, and services are secured and managed. Through the combination of  these seemingly unrelated disciplines, NIKSUN technology has significantly increased efficiency and scalability in the field of network traffic analysis. Since its inception, NIKSUN has captured the market through its unique methods and powerful solutions. NIKSUN products are all built on a single engine that non-invasively records network traffic with no impact to network  performance or traffic flow.
Sources of revenue come from product sales, expansions, refreshes and on-going maintenance support agreements. NIKSUN uses both a direct sales and a worldwide channel reseller network.
NIKSUN’s key competitive advantage over competitors is its scalability in the area of security forensics. Other solutions
simply cannot scale to meet  the needs of higher data through put required to safeguard organizations. To overcome this weakness, competitors constrain the data they capture through filters, which defeats the purpose of security forensics by limiting investigation to only known threats. Only NIKSUN solutions can simultaneously capture, inspect, mine, correlate, and store every packet traversing the network at multi-gigabit rates. Couple this with the best detection capabilities, and NIKSUN is the only security appliance with the power to instantly Know the Unknown. No one else can provide – all on one device – the cyber security and network performance power of NIKSUN. NIKSUN performs all processes on its own hardware, with no need for extraneous systems. Some competitors require a separate storage system and must transfer the traffic from one place to another, which increases time-to-remediation as well as overhead.
NIKSUN is expected to remain in the forefront, solving customers’ evolving security and performance problems. Rapidly expanding mobility and wireless technologies are introducing the next big security challenge. NIKSUN already offers a mobility security solution that addresses the security and network performance of the LTE network and plans to ramp up its solutions to meet the increased demand as “smart” mobility technologies continue to evolve. In the enterprise network security market, NIKSUN is building next-generation products that  will allow users to manage and control both remote and core network devices from a central location that manages, updates, and aggregates data across regions, organizations, or other defined entities.



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