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Interchain Solution Pvt Ltd

Interchain Solution Pvt Ltd
About us
Interchain is a product company specializing in Telemetry space, with design, development and production facilities. Leveraging on the software and hardware expertise, Interchain has built products that power mission critical applications like Asset Tracking, Telemedicine, GPS based location data collection, Street wide over the air surveillance, Locating first responders, Disaster relief, Command and Control center solutions, etc.

Institutional customer base is one domain where innovation was slow to penetrate. Interchain saw a potential to revolutionize this space by offering cutting edge solutions that were used in the Internet world. Such solutions of Interchain help in decreasing response time to emergencies, to coordinate operation and collectively build the data electronically.
HQ: Bangalore Satellite operations across India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pondicherry, Bhopal, Patiala, Agartala to provide solutions and services pan India.
Vishnu G S, Founder & Chief  Technical Officer
Swaraj Kumar Bontula, Founder & Chief ExecutiveOfficer
J V N Prakash Rao, Chief Operating Officer
S Kalyanaraman, President
Self funded
Raj Bhawan, Bangalore Police, Delhi Police, Orissa Police, Pudhucherry Police, Emergency Management Research
Institute, Bhopal Road Transport, Punjab State Transport, Forest Department of  Tamil Nadu, Forest Department of Tamil Nadu, Forest Department of Agartala, Survey of India, Sugar Department of Tamil Nadu, All India Radio.
Competitors for Interchain are major system integrators who provide solutions based on off-the-shelf commodity products including HCL, Wipro, CMC, Mahindra, ROLTA.
Some of the solutions that we have built across business verticals include:

1) Modernization of Police Department: GPS Based Vehicle Tracking, Dial 100 Emergency Response Solutions, Live Video Capture solutions in police vehicles, State of the art control room

2) Telemedicine Solution forAmbulances: Effectively locate and reach the patient, Live capture and relay of patient information, Build digital case information with biometric authentication, Report generation for effective resource utilization

3) Road TransportModernization: Passenger Announcement Systems in Buses, Passenger Information Systems in Bus stops, Passenger Entertainment Systems, Schedule adherence and monitoring solutions, GPS based vehicle tracking, Video capture solutions, Control room solutions

4) Forest Department Modernization: State of the art GIS data collection handhelds, GIS Applications for managing data

5) AirportModernization Solution: CCTV Surveillance, Situational Awareness Solutions, Emergency and disaster management solutions, Control room solutions

6) Maritime Board Solution: Fisherman tracking system, Fish Finder integrated with GPS solutions

7) Department of Defence: Asset tracking and management, Video capture and relay in disaster recovery
  • Interchain offers customized solutions to increase the efficiency of large institutions whose requirements do not fit into a prefabricated solution.
  • Competing solutions are usually from overseas and come with a premium that Indian organizations find hard to afford
Interchain works on providing solutions to the institutions both in Turnkey and Build Operate and Transfer model. An equal share of projects in both models ensures sustained revenue generation.
Entry into each institutional vertical was a milestone for Interchain. We are proud to be one of the prominent players in Security, Transport and Modernization space now where there is huge room for innovation. Interchain has managed tow in repeat orders from a considerable share of their customer base, which is a feather on the cap of  Interchain.
To scale the operations in South East Asia and the Middle East market, which has equal potential for the time tested solutions.