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IQ Software Services

IQ Software Services
About us
IQ Software Services (IQSS) is a globally focused outsourced IT solutions and services provider that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through global software development and consultancy. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company's highly experienced team offers technology solutions that are tailor-made for business needs. Founded in 2003, IQSS provides technology consulting and services on emerging technologies. Its comprehensive portfolioof software services with a focus on e-Business solutions, cover different industry verti cals such as Finance, Travel, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom and Utilities. The company engages with clients on a level where it delivers scalable solutions that, in addition to simplifying business processes, improve operationaleffi ciency and hence prove to be a step beyond straight cost savings.
Rajesh Kelappan, CEO: Kelappan has built a solid track record of successfully leading start-ups, turnarounds and rapidly growing companies. He has turned around start-ups from a loss making unit in the first year by completely changing the business model and strategy – thereby growing annual revenues by 40 percent in 12 months and turning it profi table in the first 10 months of operation. Kelappan has played pivotal role in finalising several private sector off shore contracts and maintenance contracts ensuring regular revenues and long term growth. He has also developed multiple alliances in different countries, with industry leaders for sustained growth.

  • Deep Business Understanding
  • Industry Solutions
  • Experienced Technology Experts
  • Agility
With its delivery capabilities across US, Europe and India; IQSS has not only built up but also been able to retain a client roster ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium enterprises. reVenue MoDeL Services and Revenue Share.
IQSS develops enterprise applications to enhance the business performance, thereby leading to increased profitability of organizations. It helps technology companies in developing new products and maintaining existing ones. IQSS also has the expertise to help startups develop next-generation applications. The company caters to every section of the industry through:
  • Application Programming
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Outsourced Product Development/Support
  • Application Testing
  • Support & Maintenance
IQSS's mission is to provide high-quality solutions which are oriented towards the needs of customers. The company's goal is to be the preeminent solutions partner for leading businesses around the world and to help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative and best-in-class IT solutions and services. IQSS is also focused on learning and continuously improving its capabilities to drive improvements in quality and productivity.
Bangalore, India. London, UK. San Francisco, US.