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About us
Harbinger Group is a global provider of software products and services since 1990. The Harbinger Group companies are Harbinger Systems and Harbinger Knowledge Products. Harbinger Systems is a leading provider of software engineering services to some of the world's best product companies. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Harbinger Systems work with its customers as a partner in technology innovation. Harbinger Knowledge Products is recognized as a global leader in interactivity solutions for knowledge-sharing applications including learning, presentation and web development. Harbinger's patented technology and sound thought leadership has resulted in groundbreaking products, including market-leading Raptivity® and Raptivity Presenter, innovative YawnBuster ®, and cutting-edge Site JazzerTM and TeemingPod. Red Herring has named Harbinger Group amongst world's top 100 private technology companies. Harbinger Systems has been recognized by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) as a rising star in their 2012 listing of Top 100 global outsourcing service providers.
Vikas Joshi
Chairman and MD
Vikas leads an international organization, building cutting-edge technology products and services. Recognized as a thought leader in interactivity, Vikas has spearheaded Harbinger's leadership in that space. Harbinger Group has also emerged as a provider of software product development services to several technology companies including Microsoft.

After IIT Bombay, where he completed his B.Tech., Vikas got his MS from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY on a Graduate Fellowship, working on artificial intelligence. He enjoys creative reflection on work and life through his writings and speeches.
Pune (India), Redmond (WA, USA), Pleasanton (CA, USA) and London (UK)
Harbinger Group serves customers in more than 50 countries. Customer base spans Hi-tech startups in Silicon Valley, leading product companies and IT organizations in US including Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies.
Harbinger Group is a group of privately held companies with no investormoney.
There are no competitors with similar products in the eLearning space.However , there are few companies who offer Interactivity solutions in eLearning domain.
Harbinger Systems is a leading provider of software engineering services to some of the world's best product companies. Our services span enterprise software, consumer internet portals,mobile applications and advanced testing for software ISVs. Harbinger Systems also developed the world's first standard--compliant Offline Content Player, which provides enterprises with a seamless and highly secure way to deliver training content without need for continuous Internet connectivity.

Harbinger Knowledge Products LearningSolutions develops and sells software tools to customers in more than 50 countries through its offices and partner network worldwide. Our software tools infuse interactivity in a wide range of training and education applications.

Harbinger Knowledge Products Content Development Services is a globally recognized outsourced partner for interactive eLearning, Mobile, Social and Blended learning content development services backed by prestigious global awards.
HarbingerGroup is nowpoised for an aggressive growth. The goal is to cement its position as a creative and innovative technology company with open and vibrant culture and global identity. This identity is being reinforced along three dimensions. The product division of the company will continue to conceive, design and introduce new eLearning products; offer services around these products, to the global markets. The Services division will continue to focus on evolving and niche technologies and seek long term association – as against projects - in their evolution.
Harbinger is the only learning solutions company in the world holding patents on Interactivity technologies that enable design and development of highly interactive and socially collaborative learning content, rapidly and cost-effectively.
Harbinger Systems' strength lies in its ability to understand the software ISV business life-cycle.

Harbinger Systems also has a flair for quickly developing in-depth technology expertise in emerging technologies e.g. mobile and cloud, there by helping our ISV partners build innovative products.

Harbinger's content development services business is known for innovative solutions and outsourcing best practices in design and development of educational content for eLearning, Mobile Learning, Classroom/Virtual Classroom, and Social Learning.
The revenue model is both license fees (for products) and service fees. Service fees are further split into services around the products, content development services that use our products and other related products, and services related to software product development for others.