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GURUJI Thandaiwala Pvt. Ltd

GURUJI Thandaiwala Pvt. Ltd
About us
Guruji Thandai & Sharbat is a popular Indian traditional drink popular almost all over India. The brand GURUJI was started in a very small way in Kolkata around 50 years ago by Lt. Jagdish Prasad Haritwal (Sharma) a Brahmin from Rajasthan having very less knowledge of business. He was popular as GURUJI because of his knowledge and idealism amongst his friends circle. In those days, thandai used to be prepared in homes during Holi and it used to take long time and hard labour to make perfect thandai. Jagdish Sharma first started preparation of thandai for business and made it available for all in bottles at very affordable cost. The taste, quality and affordability made it popular and Mr. Sharma found his business. His nickname became a Brand in food processing industry.
Sita Ram Sharma, CMD, Guruji Thandaiwala Pvt. Ltd: The present CMD took charge of the company after his father expired. He introduced new concepts and innovation to make it a national brand. Personal supervision, best quality control system and moderate costing are the basics of his success in competitive food processing industry. Today GURUJI does not need any introduction in the field of Food Processing industry in India. Guruji has been synonymous with the traditional drinks like Kesaria Thandai (a drink mostly used during Holi -the festival of colour), various kinds of syrups, fruit syrups and squashes. Viewing the latest trend among consumers Sharma is focusing on new product range and adding new range every year. He is now diversifying into other products to capture major market share but with superior quality and affordability of the common consumer. Mr. Sharma says that his mission is to reach maximum customers through quality and affordable cost. Shri Sharma has spread the product of GURUJI all over India and some part of other countries also and still he is trying all his best to reach new section of the society. He has developed a team of dedicated and motivated people who are adding more value to this organization. Maintaining good relation with each and every dealer, distributor, retailer and above all the customer is the success mantra for Sita Ram Sharma.
Some of the most popular products of Guruji Thandaiwala Pvt. Ltd. are - Premium Thandai, Kesaria Thandai, KesarPista Syrup, Badam Syrup, KairiPudina Syrup, Orange Syrup, Pine Apple Syrup, Strawberry Syrup, Ripe Mango Syrup, Green Mango Syrup, Litchi Squash, Kesar Syrup, Panchamrit Syrup, Sahi Gulab Syrup, Rose Syrup, Khus Syrup, Kewra Syrup, Kala Khatta Syrup, Chocolate Syrup, Coffee Syrup, etc. Apart from these, they have also introduced various kinds of Pickles, Chutney, Jam and Jelly recently which has got immense public appraisal.
Guruji Thandaiwala Group is now concentrating on expanding their production unit so that they can meet the demand from all over India and abroad. They are also diversifying their production methods from traditional and indigenous methods to world class technology. A successful MSME organization like Guruji Thandaiwala Pvt. Ltd. is a source of inspiration for other players of this field as well as to the new entrants of the market.
149, COTTON STREET, DIST-, Kolkata - 700007, West Bengal, Contact: 91-33-22582221/22582182