About us
Ezyreach.in is the ideal technology partner and software consultancy provider which delivers the right cloud web application involving JAVA. The company synergizes information with an assortment of end-to-end IT solutions to arise with modern information management software. It has producti vely developed Enterprise Solutions, E-Commerce Portals (B2B and B2C), Client Server business applications and Product development via MS.Net environment.
Ezyreach is involved in different sectors like telecom(VAS),education, finance, travel, health. The organization works in two ways. It provides SaaS to different organizations via its products and also develops customized application to meet organization specific needs. Some of its products and services are Academic Management System, SMS Gateway, 2way SMS (Long Code,Short Code), Multi Recharge, Patient Management System, and ERP System.
Academic Management system:
Due to this software,teachers can focus more on students rather than getting involved in day to day management works. Automation of basics procedures like FEES, LIBRARY, ADMISSION, and PAYROLL saves man hours and reduces communication cost.
SMS Gateway system:
The company provides application programing Interface to access SMS gateway.
Multi Recharge:
From this application a user can do multiple things such as recharge, billpayment, booking of tickets and various other utilities. This application is customer friendly and very useful for people who are doing jobs or for people who are not capable of going out of their houses.
Patient Management System:
It organizes entire clinic or hospital from admission to discharge. This system improves the management works and made it in a synchronized way. It maintains all the important documents related to doctors and pati ents. Communicati on between doctors and family of patients becomes more concrete.
ERP system:
Ezyreach develops customised ERP module to fit the best organization needs. By this system all important processes across all departments are visible and automatic work-flow from one department to another department becomes smooth. Ezyreach.in Enterprise Solutions help clients transform their organization by optimizing their business processes leading to improved operational efficiency. Its team provides enterprise consulting; customization and support to suit their specific business needs.
MLM Software:
The company provides fully automated MLM Application. The application includes low start-up cost,strong support system in recruiting members,product line up or service to sell,free training in most cases,often strong marketing plans and resource materials and quite often very less experience is required.
  • Ezyreach's core strength is technology. It develops cloud based web application in JAVA.
  • Extensive research and development by the company makes the application more user-friendly, efficient and lesscosteff ective.
  • Its development team uses advanced technology such as Cloud Server and Java. Cloud Server enables any pointany device access and java provides highly secured, scalable,robust and user friendly application. Through these technologies the company develops a stable application.
  • Ezyreach extends a complete array of information management software heading towards providing solutions to clients to parti cipate and flourish successfully in a dynamic market place.
Prabir ray
Prabir ray, Founder & Ceo: He leads the company with his diverse expertise in Business Development, Lead Generation, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, CRM, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Team Management, Product Management and Mobile Devices.
With its focuson business domains of Software Application, Web Design and Web Development; the company's significant quality is its firm conviction in the worth of brands and the significant part they play in consumers' lives.
Kolkata, Delhi